My Sunday Song – “Monsters” by Shinedown

For My Sunday Song #322, we are talking about “Monsters”…not real ones, but the ones in the mind. It is by the band Shinedown and off their 2018 album ‘Attention, Attention’. The song is their third single on the album and was released on March 1, 2019. It is yet another Platinum selling single and went to #7 on the US Rock Airplay chart and #10 US Hot Rock & Alternative Songs. Even Canada got in on the fun where it went to #34 on the Canada Rock charts. The song was written by Brent Smith and Eric Bass.

The song isn’t about physical, real life monsters although there are those. These monsters are in your mind. These are the demons you fight with everyday and if you are someone who has battled addiction or alcoholism and are now sober, those demons are picking at you everyday. Each day can be a battle and that one slip up can push you over the edge back on to the binging. Brent struggles with it everyday and that is what inspired the song.

Musically, the song is rather gut-wrenching like the lyrics. They are ominous and threatening and make you feel like the demons are pounding on the door wanting to get in. The music is so powerful at the chorus, a thundering explosion of struggle. The verses are tender and solemn and Barry Kerch’s cymbal work is so good and adds such a cool sound as if the demons were signaling their attack. Zach Myers guitar work is splendid with a killer solo while Eric Bass’ bass (I guess he was destined for that instrument) drives the rhythm. Brent’s vocals are powerful and you can feel every ounce of pain he is going through. A splendid song.

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