My Sunday Song – “I Get Excited” by Rick Springfield

For My Sunday Song #273, we are going to go back a little a look at “I Get Excited” by Rick Springfield. The song is off his 1982 album ‘Success Hasn’t Spoiled Me Yet’. The song did chart as a single going all the way to #32 in the US and #42 in Canada which I am sure helped the the album go all the way to #2. Reality is that this album was riding high in large part to the success of his prior album ‘Working Class Dog’ which had “Jessie’s Gril”.

The song is about an experience he had with a girl. That excitement and thrill of being with a woman and reality doesn’t always live up to the expectation. The thrill of thinking of everything that is going to happen and blowing it up in your head to a level that the actual act will never live up to it is pretty common and happens in almost any situation. It also seems to point to the fact that he is really in to it, but she doesn’t seem to be as she keeps her eyes open when the kiss and gets cold feet and starts to leave. Poor guy.

The song is an uptempo rocker and very radio friendly. It has a great guitar riff throughout that is very memorable. I like how the chorus explodes at you with some heavy drums. There is a lot of keyboard in the song which fits well for the time period as we are talking 1982. The song has a guitar solo which isn’t too flashy and compliments the song nicely. The song is a little dated in its sound, but still a great track regardless.

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Rick Springfield – “Don’t Talk to Strangers” (The 45 Single)

When I am out on my record store digging adventures, I always go through the 45’s to see if there is anything I like and occasionally I find something.  I am a closet Rick Springfield fan.  Yes, I am out of the closet now and will admit openly, I like Rick Springfield!!! There, I said it.  I feel so much better that it is out in the open now.  Thank you for that!

I found this single in the $1 bin and was happy to grab it.  The single of is for the song “Don’t Talk To Strangers” from his 1982 album ‘Success Hasn’t Spoiled Me Yet’.  The single was released in March 1982 and went all the way to #2 on the Billboard.  It was Rick’s second biggest hit after that little song you might know called Jessie’s Girl.

The song is about Rick’s girlfriend at the time (future wife). When Rick was traveling and touring for his career, he had a lot of insecurities that his girlfriend was out with other guys.  This was his way of expressing those feelings.  The irony is that Rick was screwing around as he was touring and such.  Such a hypocrite.


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