Thriving Ivory / Midnight Cinema – Artist Profile

I guess you are getting a two-for-one artist profile.  As I am doing a profile on Thriving Ivory & Midnight Cinema.  No, they are not the same band even though they have most of the same bandmates.  The difference is explained below.  They are both great Pop/Rock bands and that voice of Clayton Stroupe is amazing.

Thriving Ivory

Thriving Ivory was based out of California and consisted of  Clayton Stroope, Drew Cribley, and Paul Niedermier.  Clayton’s voice is very unique. I believe it is one of those you either love it, or hate it.  Me, I love it. It gives them their own unique sound and different is always good.

The band’s first album, Thriving Ivory, came out in 2008 and contained their biggest hit “Angels on the Moon”.  I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it.  iTunes was offering the video for free one week and that was how I came across the song.  The song went on to go Gold selling over 500,000 singles.

I downloaded the whole album afterwards and was not disappointed.  Some of the other outstanding songs are “Hey Lady”, “Runaway”, “Alien”, “For Heaven’s Sake” and “Secret Life”.

Their next album “Through Yourself & Back” came out on 2010.  The first single released was “Where I Belong”.  Another great single by the band.  The other great songs on the album are “On Your Side”, “Cobwebs” and Motorcade (So Long, So Long)”.

While recording the album, the bassist, Bret Cohune, left the band. According to Midnight Cinema’s Facebook page, they also lost Scott Jason, their piano player, due to their hectic touring schedule.

While on the road in support of Through Yourself & Back Again, Clayton, Paul and Drew stopped off in New York to write with Gregg Wattenberg and Derek Fuhrmann.

It appears through this writing experience, the seeds were sowed for Midnight Cinema.

Midnight Cinema

According to the band, their song writing was going in a different direction so that is why they chose to  become Midnight Cinema and not stay as Thriving Ivory.  I agree somewhat, but to me it could still be Thriving Ivory album.

Midnight Cinema released an EP in 2013 which contained 5 songs “Crazy Beautiful”, “Hurricane”, “Heavy”, “Holding My Breath” and “Burn Me Now”.

They finally released their first full length album in 2014.  It was called “Lightning in a Bottle” and it really was.  There are some great songs on this album – “Counting Down”, “Lightning in a Bottle”, “Edge of the Earth”, “Perfect Stranger” and “Love Your Lights Out”.

I enjoy their songs so much, that I felt the need to share it as an artist profile. I hope you give it a listen and tell me what you think.

I haven’t seen any updates on the band’s Facebook page or anywhere else for quite some time.  I hope they are still together and recording some new material.  I would enjoy some new tunes.  Let me know if you have heard anything.

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