#TBT – The Alarm – Strength

I first came across The Alarm because one of my brothers had their album Declaration. This was back around 1984.  I really enjoyed that album and when Strength came out in October 1985 on IRS Records, I had to get it.

The Alarm, if you don’t know, were a four piece, new wave band out of Wales.  I believe at the time, the band was Mike Peters, David Sharp, Eddie Macdonald, and Nigel Twist.

This was the first album I really paid attention to how an album flowed. These songs seemed like they were meant to be in the order they were placed on the album. The songs maintained a specific sound and style throughout.  There were no fillers and each song had a purpose.

They released 3 singles, “Strength”, “Spirit of’76”, and “Knife Edge”.  My favorite song on the album was the haunting “The Day The Ravens Left The Tower”.  The song is based off the myth that if the ravens of the Tower of London were to die or fly away, the Crown and Britian would fall.  I thought this was the coolest song and still do today.

Track List:

  • Knife Edge
  • Strength
  • Dawn Chorus
  • Spirit of ’76
  • Deeside
  • Father to Son
  • Only the Thunder
  • The Day the Ravens Left the Tower
  • Absolute Reality
  • Walk Forever By My Side

My other favorites were the last 2 songs “Absolute Reality” and “Walk Forever by My Side”.

Give the album a listen and let me know what you think. Here are  some videos so you can check out a few songs.

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