Turntables & Vinyl – Part 2

I thought I would do a follow-up to the Turntables & Vinyl post from a couple weeks ago since the turntable we bought was crap. We returned the first turntable we bought since it could not maintain the appropriate speed.  I did some research and found that the audio-technica AT-LP60 was getting really good reviews for a reasonably priced turntable (only $99).  I still didn’t want to spend too much as I still wasn’t sure how much I would listen to it.

I have to say it plays so much better than the original one we bought on a whim at the trendy clothes store that sales vinyl (I don’t want to advertise for them since their clothes are so overpriced).  This turntable will automatically place the needle on the album for you which is good as my daughter was really nervous about doing it on the other turntable. I don’t think she wanted to scratch her new James Bay album (a picture disc at that).

Now that the we have a very good working turntable, we had to find some local record stores that sell vinyl.  We have found 4 places so far in Charlotte and I am proud to say, we have been to all 4.  We actually visited 3 of them on Saturday since they were all in close proximity to each other.   The other one we went to last weekend.

The four record stores are as follows (from favorite to least favorite):

Manifest Discs – This one was my favorite store as they had a huge selection and really great prices on their used vinyl.  The sales staff was really helpful and very friendly.  They had a nice mix of new and used vinyl as well as a huge selection of CDs (which I haven’t bought in years).  I actually found 6 albums there that day as they have a special if you buy 5 used records you get 1 for a $1.  The 6 I bought were as follows:

  • Scorpions – Love at First Sting
  • Aldo Nova – Subject
  • Survivor – Vital Signs (Vital Signs was the first CD I ever bought back in the 80’s so had to have it on vinyl when I saw it).
  • Van Halen – 1984
  • Kiss – Alive II
  • Kiss – Double Platinum


Lunchbox Records – This place was a close 2nd.  We followed the directions to the store only to find out they were no longer at that location.  I was not happy at this point as it was a 40 minute drive to get there.  My daughter was with me and I asked her to call the store but she it made her nervous and she didn’t want to do it.  I told her I was driving and it would be so much easier if she called.  She finally did what I asked, reluctantly.  When she got a hold of them on the phone, they had only moved about 1/2 mile down the road (thank goodness).

The store parking lot was full and we luckily got a space to park.  The selection in the store was great and they had great prices as well.  The staff was very helpful and even looked up an album for my daughter.  She wants Tori Kelly’s Unbreakable Smile on vinyl, but we are having trouble finding a copy.  They are going to see if they can find it.

I went in looking for certain titles so I didn’t spend hours in there as I have done at other stores.  My daughter was much appreciative of that.  In the end, I only bought one record.

  • Motley Crue – Shout At the Devil (Listening to it while I write this post).


Repo Records – This was the first place we visited when we bought the first turntable and I spent an hour going through all their albums.  We picked up Boston’s Third Stage & James Bay’s Chaos and the Calm on that trip.  We went back after we visited Lunchbox Records as they were only a few miles down the road.  I wasn’t as impressed this time after being to a couple other places.

They seem to have more “new” albums of old records and the prices were really high.  The do have some used for $4-10 and I am happy with buying a beat up used record than spending $25-30 for a newer version of it.  I will go back whenever I am visiting Lunchbox Records only because it is close.

Wax Museum – This was the final stop on our 3 record store trip.  I didn’t like this place as their lack of rock records was discouraging.  But I didn’t expect much as when I walked in their was a really nice older lady running the store unlike the hipster, trendy people at some of the other locations.

They carried a lot of really old vinyl 45’s, a boatload of beach music and some really old, old bands and artists.  The place was so overcrowded with so much stuff, it was really hard to move around.  However, I did pick up one album.  I don’t think I will be going back anytime soon.

  • The Alarm – Declaration (my second favorite Alarm album after Strength – The hair on these guys was extremely high.  The picture doesn’t do it justice)


After about 3 hours of our record store adventures, we arrived home to play the new purchases.  Well, there really wasn’t a we as everything we bought was for me.

I guess that brings us up-to-date on our Turntable & Vinyl experiences over the last few weeks.  It has been great time bonding with my oldest daughter and seeing her interest in the whole vinyl record trend.  If anything else happens down the road, I will do a part 3.  Until then, keep that vinyl spinning.

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