January 2023 Purchases – Vinyl & CDs

Last year flew by and now here we are in 2023 and already at our first month purchases wrap-up. It was a good start to the year if I do say so myself. I started a new collection, found some stuff for other collections I have, treated myself to an album I’ve been wanting for years and even found a Jeff Scott Soto CD that I didn’t even know existed. I would say that all makes for a solid month.

The month kicked off in full glory when 2nd & Charles kicked off the year with a buy 5 get 5 free sale on their CDs and so I pounced on it. Sadly, my memory sucks and one is one I already had, see if you can guess which one because it was in my November purchases as well.

If that wasn’t enough, later in the month I went by Repo Records here in Charlotte and found a handful of picture sleeve 45’s. I love the picture sleeves and so I bought about 9 this time around. Some great stuff to add to the collection…

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Aldo Nova: A Career Retrospective w/Tim Durling & John Snow | #107 – On Grant’s Rock Warehaus

Why not make it a 3-fer today with Aldo Nova. If you are an Aldo Nova fan, then you need to check out Grant’s Rock Warehaus as Grant, along with Tim Durling of Tim’s Vinyl Cofessions, and me, John Snow, take a look at the career of Aldo Nova. It is a fun, retrospective of his career and some great visuals as well. I want to thank Grant for having me along for the ride on this one.

@grantsrockwarehaus Check out Grant’s Rock Warehaus at the following:

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Aldo Nova – ‘Short Stories’ E.P. – Album Review

Aldo Nova was silent for a number of years due to contract issues and such, but all those issues are settled and as a result, we have been getting a ton of new music from Aldo. The famed singer of “Fantasy” has put out 4 CDs over the last year. First was a 10 song E.P. of his rock opera ‘The Life & Times of Eddie Gage’ which is a two hour opera, but here we get a brief intro with the 10 songs…and it was great. Then he did ‘Reloaded 2.0’ which was a re-imagining of a bunch of hits. Then we get two 3-song E.P.’s. First is ‘Short Stories’ which we will review here and then next was a 3-Song E.P. called ‘Sonic Hallucinations’ which will review next.

According to Aldo’s website, “Aldo Nova-Short Stories is an EP that is made up of 3 great songs that each tell a different story that gives the listener the sensation of either watching a film or can be a song where they identify and touches a certain part of their lives.” And I love the artwork. The cover is called ‘Guitar And Tuba’ and was drawn by artist James St. Laurent.

The first track is called “The Border” and it has this whole Latin flavor with hints of Carlos Santana in the guitar tone. It is pretty fantastic sounding. Aldo’s vocals fit perfectly nestled in to the song and you can’t help but want to get up and move to those rhythmic beats as the bass and drums really settle in to a nice groove that causes the hips to sway back and forth. The guitar playing is top notch as Aldo wails away on the solo. I don’t hear any tuba though. The song feels like a couple of bad guys running from the law and/or s he running from death and from God. Who knows.

Next up is “What Happened to Our Dreams” is a story about lost love. Young high school romance with big dreams, but all good things come to an end and those dreams never become reality. The song is a ballad with some great acoustic guitars, some nice percussion work and an emotive Aldo singing with a broken heart at dreams that never came to be. The music has a great tone and feel to it as it feels like an old school 80’s ballad yet still sound a little modern at the same time. Another killer song.

The last track is called “Let Our Worlds Collide” and this one is a story as old as time. Two loves who for some reason aren’t together, but longing to be. A love song for the ages. Another ballad and this one is accompanied by a piano and it is quite beautiful. Aldo’s vocals match the aching tones of the piano as he hurts because his love is not there by his side as he loves her so much and although she’s not there, she can feel his love because it is so strong. It shows that Aldo doesn’t need the guitar nor the keyboards. Just him and a piano is sometimes all he needs to show that he can do anything and a few backing singers.

There is one thing I really hate about the 3-Song E.P. and that is it is only 3 songs. And all three are stellar tracks and make me wish for a whole album. Come on Aldo, gives a full album sometime soon please!! You still have it in you to do great things as this so truly shows. My Overall Score is a 5.0 out of 5.0 Stars! I really did enjoy this set.

If you want to watch the podcast I did with Tim Durling on his show Tim’s Vinyl Confessions, go check it out below…

Aldo Nova – ‘Sonic Hallucinations’ E.P. – Album Review

Aldo Nova was silent for a number of years due to contract issues and such, but all those issues are settled and as a result, we have been getting a ton of new music from Aldo. The famed singer of “Fantasy” has put out 4 CDs over the last year. First was a 10 song E.P. of his rock opera ‘The Life & Times of Eddie Gage’ which is a two hour opera, but here we get a brief intro with the 10 songs…and it was great. Then he did ‘Reloaded 2.0’ which was a re-imagining of a bunch of hits. Then we get two 3-song E.P.’s. First is ‘Short Stories’ which we reviewed first and now we get a 3-Song E.P. called ‘Sonic Hallucinations’ which will now review.

From Aldo’s website we get the following: Aldo Nova creates a sonic tapestry that brings you his vision of 3 Extraterrestrial Symphonies of the future. The album was Composed, Performed, Produced, Arranged, Engineered, and Mixed all by Aldo Nova. This is an instrumental album and Aldo goes all out with bringing us some interesting music and whether he was high as a kite while doing it or sober, it is certainly different. I do love the artwork on here with the galaxy and Aldo breaking free from it.

The first track is called “Calling All Aliens” and it is all synthesizers and there is so much going on. We do get a killer electronic drum beat that drives the song and some angelic (or alien) backing vocals that add an extra flavor to the track. But it is what he does on the keys that is the magic here. He is able to create some great melodies that give us so much flavor to the song and let’s it stick in your head. Close Encounters of the Third Kind it is not, it is better than those simple tones as this is a lush landscape of sound. I’m sure the Aliens will answer back and come down to Earth with open arms.

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Tim’s Vinyl Confessions with Tim Durling discuss Aldo Nova’s 2 E.P.’s “Short Stories” and “Sonic Hallucinations” with guest John T. Snow

Come join the fun as Tim Durling and I walk through not one, but two brand new E.P.’s from Canadian artist, Aldo Nova. The E.P.’s are ‘Short Stories” which has three songs, with vocals, and the second is “Sonic Hallucinations” which also has three songs, but all instrumental. Check out what we have to say about them and see if you need to run, not walk, to pick these up. Come back on Monday to see my two in depth reviews of the E.P.’s on the site as well.

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The Top Rock Albums of 2022

I can’t believe we are through with another year. And what a year it was, It saw me complete my goal of one post for every day of the year and it saw me start and still not finish the massive Jeff Scott Soto Series. I still have about 6 months to go on that one. Crazy. It saw some struggles as I had a minor surgery but the two week recovery was hard and then I got sick and was miserable for another two weeks and that put a massive damper on my enthusiasm for writing. For October, I barely wrote anything. Thankfully, I keep ahead so it had no impact on my readers, you probably didn’t even notice, but for me, it was hard. But we are way past that now and all is good.

With the Soto series and the Scorpions series, I actually didn’t spend much time with new releases, but I did have a bunch that I liked and wish I spent more time with. So, we are going to go through the Top 10 Rock Albums of 2022 and of course there will be some honorable mentions, a worst of album and some of my favorite Non-Rock albums. Sit back, grab a cup of coffee if it is morning, or a beer if it is any other time of day…and enjoy!!


#10 – HALESTORM – BACK FROM THE DEAD: Lzzy Hale and the boys are back from the dead and they are rocking the hell out of you with this one. With the title track, then “Wicked Ways” and “The Steeple”, they showed they mean business and are carrying the torch for rock. Listen to this and you know Rock Ain’t Dead!! And if you want more great ones, I really like “Psycho Crazy” and the ballad “Raise Your Horns”…oh sooooo good!!

#9 – H.E.A.T. – FORCE MAJEURE: I thought there last album was amazing with Erik Gronwell on vocals, but Erik left and is now with Skid Row who also released an album this year. Original H.E.A.T. lead singer, Kenny Leckremo, returned and they released another stellar release. I like it way better than the new Skid Row…sorry Erik. Such stellar tracks as “Back to the Rhythm”, “Nationwide”, “Tainted Blood” and “Demon Eyes” to only name a handful.

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Tim’s Vinyl Confessions discuss the latest release(s) from Aldo Nova

Tim Durling from Tim’s Vinyl Confessions new show is up now on Youtube. Tim invited me to join him as we talked through Aldo Nova’s latest releases. He has more than one. One is his remixing, reimagining of some of his biggest songs called ‘Reloaded 2.0’ and then it is the stellar 10-Song EP of ‘The Life & Times of Eddie Gage: A Rock Opera’. Go check it out.

May 2022 Purchases – Vinyl & CD’s

Another month down and therefore it is time to review the purchases made this month at 2 Loud 2 Old Music. And I think it was a pretty good haul. We bought some stuff online, we hit a local record store and we had a record show this month. And we will kick it off with the brand new album by Jeff Scott Soto which came out on May 6th. It is called ‘Complicated’ and we won’t be getting to review this one for a long time as we are only 20+ albums into the 70 album series. For now, take a peek…

Then I have some research I need to do for a friend of Jeff Scott Soto. I have a lot of homework to do on Jason Bieler of Saigon Kick (notice the three Rock Candy Editions) and his new band Jason Bieler and the Baron Von Bielski Orchestra plus others. Hmmm…now why would I be doing homework…I guess you will soon find out…

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April 2022 Purchases – Vinyl & CDs…and More!

Welcome to another wrap-up post and this time for April. I have to say that April was a fairly quiet month and not much vinyl but a lot of CDs and Cassettes this month. There was a lot going on the Snow Clan this month so record shopping was not a top priority and it shows in the rather small month of purchases. Still though, there are some quality purchases I believe. So let us get right to it. First up, I went and saw Will Hoge in concert at the end of March (after I wrote the March Purchases Post) and I picked up his latest on Vinyl for ‘Tiny Little Movies’ and I did that because I got to meet Will and he kindly signed the album (as well as give us the set list to the show).

And then came the release of Aldo Nova’s new album which is a 10-song E.P. (okay, since when did 10 songs make an E.P.) which is a collection of 10 songs off his forthcoming 22 song Rock Opera – The Life & Times of Eddie Gage. 3 weeks later, Aldo also put out Reloaded 2.0 which is a collection of old songs redone or reimagined with one new song…some of these he released a while back on an E.P. called Aldo Nova 2.0…so same concept with a few extra tracks.

I also was out shopping and found a lot of cassettes and they are scattered throughout the pictures as I found a lot of stuff by the same band so I grouped items together with the bands…not in all cases. We will start off with GNR’s Lies and Blue Murder’s self-titled both on cassette…

And then I found some Whitesnake cassettes as well as a Store Promo of a single…great finds for me…

If that wasn’t enough, I found a couple of Billy Idol cassettes and I can’t believe but I already have a duplicate with Whiplash Smile. You’d thing I would know what I have since I have so few, but the cover was so different, I didn’t realize they were the same so now I have two Whiplash Smiles. The other cover is a full length picture and a white label, this was a partial picture with black…at least I didn’t have Don’t Stop.

Kiss is one where I pretty much have all the vinyl (with a few minor exceptions) so I’ve started grabbing the CDs and cassettes as well (and 8 Tracks). Here are a couple more CDs added and a really cool cassette that I didn’t know if I’d find.

And then there were a couple more CDs that I came across from Winger and Ratt I still needed. Plus, I haven’t been able to find on vinyl so the CD will do for now…

Then I was out at Noble Records (one of my favorite stores) and I found a collection of Scorpions Promo CD Singles, so they are now part of the ever growing Scorpions collection that you will all see in due time when we start The Scorpions Collection Series real soon…

The last couple of items I think are really cool. First up is the Japanese Edition of Danger Danger’s debut album with a set of bonus tracks which are live cuts of songs on the album…

Then I bought the next item from Israel, but it isn’t an Israel pressing. It is the UK/Europe pressing which is a 2 CD Special Edition bonus tracks and live tracks.

The last set of discs are for Matt Nathanson. He is another artist I have all the vinyl, but not all the CDs, so we are remedying that as well. And one of these isn’t on vinyl to begin with so I really needed it…

And that is everything. The vinyl purchases were really weak this time around and I will admit it is getting harder to find what I want and at decent prices so we might see a drop in vinyl purchases as a result. I hope that doesn’t stay the trend, but we will see. Here is everything in one big shot…

And that is all. Thanks for stopping by and I can’t wait to see what May will bring us!!

Friday New Releases – April 22, 2022

Happy Friday!! Welcome to another Friday of New Releases and we have around 50 choices for you this week. That should mean there is something for everyone and if not, stop being so picky!! Kidding! There are only a couple of releases I am looking in and they are marked in Blue. Let me know what you want to hear this week and let us know what we may have missed as I am sure there is something. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

  • 711boDcj13L._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Aldo Nova – Reloaded – (MRI): Just 3 weeks after his release of The Life & Times of Eddie Gage E.P. (which was pretty darn good), Aldo is back with another Reloaded. He released one a few years ago where he reworks his classic hits. I have to say, I am not real thrilled with this concept as you can’t improve on perfection. Could this be his ‘This Left Feels Right’? I am afraid so as it doesn’t feel right…but maybe I’ll be wrong.
  • 61YFRs2333L._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Dorothy – Gifts from the Holy Ghost – (Roc Nation Records): Dorothy is back with another rock release. I really dig her vocals and the band ain’t half bad either. I am hoping for some more rock greatness from this stellar band.
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