KISS – Alive! – Released 41 Years Ago Today

I was online and noticed that Kiss released their first live album back on this date in 1975. I figured I would do a little post that celebrated that fact.

This was the album that made me a huge Kiss fan even to this day.  The album finally brought to life the songs from their first 3 albums and made you feel you were part of the show.  I know there is a lot of controversy that this isn’t really a live album as they went into the studio and cleaned it up significantly, but I don’t care.  It had the feel of a live album and is still one of my favorite live albums even today.

I actually still have the vinyl release from 1975 (which is actually my brother’s album, but I have it and he doesn’t).



If you haven’t listened to it, you must.  Here is a little video of one of the few songs everyone knows by Kiss, “Rock & Roll All Nite” from Cabo Hall in 1975.  The version on the album sounds better, but this will get you in the mood.

Track Listing:

Side One:

  1. “Deuce”
  2. “Strutter”
  3. “Got To Choose”
  4. “Hotter Than Hell”
  5. “Firehouse”

Side Two:

  1. “Nothin’ To Lose”
  2. “C’mon And Love Me”
  3. “Parasite”
  4. “She”

Side Three:

  1. “Watchin’ You”
  2. “100,000 Years”
  3. “Black Diamond”

Side Four:

  1. “Rock Bottom”
  2. “Cold Gin”
  3. “Rock And Roll All Nite”
  4. “Let Me Go Rock And Roll”

21 thoughts on “KISS – Alive! – Released 41 Years Ago Today

    1. Nice! I hadn’t gotten that far back on your posts, but great write-on your first Kiss. I didn’t start my personal Kiss collection until the ’80’s as well. Anything I had before that was from my brothers collections. But needless to say I wound up with buying everything that Kiss released on CD. Now I am going back and picking up old album when I can.

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        1. It does, but can’t afford that now. I have about 8 on vinyl including a 4 track 33 1/2 from 1976 with 4 songs from their summer tour. It had Beth & Do You Love Me on Side One and Flaming Youth & Detroit Rock City on Side Two. I don’t think I have ever seen if for sell anywhere.

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          1. Wow that is coo. A tresure for sure. I have more reissues on vinyl than I do original vinyls. But I do have a lot of original vinyls from the 90’s, some of which have never been opened, like Revenge and Alive III.

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              1. That is grey marble vinyl which I imagine probably looks good except it’s sealed! 🙂

                Another treat — from a 1993-ish pressing, Creatures of the Night on glow in the dark vinyl. Which, again, probably looks nice under that sealed wrap.

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      1. They were my very first concert. I was 10 and it totally blew my mind. My cousins and I used to play KISS and dress up like and set up fake stages and drums outta paint cans. I was a full on member of KISS Army in those days.

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  1. Great LP cover, but I get a bit less interested in the sounds I’m afraid. I knew what they looked like for years before I heard them and they never lived up to the way I’d imagined them doing!

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