Friday New Releases – September 9th

September has an incredible number of new releases coming out and today is the start of it all.  There is now way humanly possible to get through all of them and I am not going to try.  I will miss out on a lot of great stuff, but each week there is going to be too much to get through.  I would have to quit my paying job and then do this full time (which doesn’t pay)…not going to happen, but wish it could.

The ones in Blue are the ones I will make every effort to listen to and enjoy!  Which ones are you looking forward to hearing?

  • 61E1lss9nGL._AC_US160_  Rev Theory – Revelation – (Another Record Co):  I like it loud and heavy and that is what I expect I will get with Rev Theory’s new release.  I have thoroughly enjoyed their prior releases and what I hear so far sounds great.  Give them a listen.

  • 416ibO8r9ZL._AC_US160_  The Afters – Live on Forever – (Fair Trade Services): To go in a completely different direction, check out the Afters, a christian rock band but a lot more laid back than Rev Theory.  The single “Live on Forever” came out a long time ago so I have been waiting for this for awhile.  The write great, catchy songs with a nice message.

  • 61vzGhi68BL._AC_US160_  Gavin DeGraw – Something Worth Saving – (RCA):  Now if you want straight-up pop, you can’t go wrong with Gavin.  I have been a fan for years and he was great live.  I saw him open for Shania about a year ago and he didn’t disappoint.  His new single is great and exactly what you expect from him.

  • 51FX-EQCUsL._AC_US160_  Jack White – Jack White Acoustic Recordings 1998-2016 – (Third Man Recordings/Columbia):  I have always found Jack White to be interesting and never sure what I am going to here.  On this album, you definitely know.  It is a collection of acoustic songs from his solo work, the White Stripes and the Raconteurs.  Definitely worth checking out.

  • 61ATBi18+EL._AC_US160_  Jason Aldean – They Don’t Know – (Broken Bow):  Jason seems to be the King of Country right now.  I think a lot of country sounds the same so I am not sure why I am interested in listening to it, but will probably give it a try anyway.

  • 61e6Z1oj9KL._AC_US200_  The Beatles – Live at the Hollywood Bowl – (Capitol):  It is the Beatles – is there anything more to discuss????  Here is a little snippet.

  • 51zJRPpLsZL._AC_US160_  Of Mice and Men – Cold World – (Rise Records)
  • 479412  Steve N Seagulls – Brothers in Farms – (Universal)
  • 314hxnL73yL._AC_US160_  Nick Cave & Bad Seeds – Skeleton Tree – (Bad Seed Ltd)
  • 61Tpe7YLJmL._AC_US160_  The Head & The Heart – Signs of Light – (Warner Bros.)
  • 41MLWp-2ArL._AC_US200_  M.I.A. – Aim – (Interscope)
  • 51yV9tgMj+L._AC_US160_  KT Tunstall – KIN – (Caroline)
  • 61J6F1F4XZL._AC_US160_  Trio – The Complete Trio Collection (3CD set) – (Rhino Records)
  • 61Rks4FpssL._AC_US160_  Evergrey – The Storm Within – (AFM Records)
  • 61x9SQBkjcL._AC_US160_  Bastille – Wild World – (Virgin Records)
  • 611cS1W5buL._AC_US160_  Billy Ray Cyrus – Thin Line – (Blue Cadillac Music)
  • 51BVpyPIsDL._AC_US160_  Wilco – Schmilco – (ANTI Records)
  • 51adRFLQyvL._AC_US160_  Macy Gray – Stripped – (Chesky Records)
  • 61hDwqF4XPL._AC_US160_  Teenage Fanclub – Here – (Merge Records)
  • 51b4tbO3maL._AC_US160_  Tamela Mann – One Way – (Tilly Man Music Group)
  • 61ijq5rWcrL._AC_US160_  Devin Townsend Project – Transcendence – (Inside Out Music)
  • 61zuDyRfNFL._AC_US160_  Grouplove – Big Mess – (Atlantic)
  • 61WOrL-NsuL._AC_US160_  Richard Elliott – Summer Madness – (Heads Up)
  • 51CZ5HmT1kL._AC_US160_  Gerry Beckley – Carousel – (Blue Elan Records)

12 thoughts on “Friday New Releases – September 9th

    1. You are the 2nd to mention they are interested in Wilco. Maybe I need to check them out. It has been a long time for Macy Gray. I had to watch Fuller House with my kids and she was on an episode. She can’t act, but she was hilarious.

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      1. Oh, Macy Gray is terrific! I absolutely adore her voice, so I’m happy she’s putting a new album out. And Wilco? I really like Wilco. They’ve been really consistently good, so this one should be too. I’ve heard a couple singles from the record and they’re good. I’ll likely download the entire album. 😃

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  1. I bought off of iTunes today the new live ZZ Top album. The Beatles one i’m toying with as along if the shrieking is not blasted like it was on the cassette version I owned 30 years ago. I couldn’t even listen to it…

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