Record Store Day – The Wild Feathers – ‘Live at the Ryman’

On Black Friday, November 25th, it was Record Store Day.  A day to celebrate independently owned Record Stores.  Bands will release special edition or unique offerings to celebrate.  I was in the middle of traveling to Atlanta from Charlotte and was not able to hit my local record store to show my appreciation.

However, on Saturday I did visit a record store in Marietta, Ga because there was one album I was eager to obtain.  It was a special 2 LP release of The Wild Feathers ‘Live at the Ryman’.  There were only 3,000 copies made and I can say I am one of the very proud owners of one copy.


I had one problem.  I was out of state and no where to listen to the album.  My sister didn’t have a turntable so that meant I had to wait until I got back on Sunday to listen to the album.  I finally got home and had to watch my Falcons play football first (sorry, love my Falcons) and then I carefully opened the album and slid out one of the two records in the pack.



I placed the album gently on the turntable and hit the button to play.  The needle dropped and I sat back in musical bliss enjoying every guitar lick, drum hit or note sung.  The album was great from beginning to end.  It had all their best songs and the quality of the recording was exceptional.

Musically, these guys are spot on and sound amazing.  The feel of the album was so laid back and the guys were just jamming and having a great time. Did it sound like the studio albums?  Of course not, but it captured the magic of the band and the overall talent of each member.  If you are a fan, then it is a must have record.  If you are not, get this and you will be.

I think I like the idea of Record Store Day and now that I have one under my belt, I can’t wait for the next one.

Here is a video someone posted from the show:

Track Listing:

Side One:

  • “Help Me Out”
  • “Overnight”
  • “Backwoods Company”
  • “If You Don’t Love Me”
  • “Don’t Ask Me To Change”

Side Two:

  • “Got It Wrong”
  • “Hard Times”
  • “Sleepers”
  • “Goodbye Song”

Side Three:

  • “Into the Sun”
  • “Happy Again”
  • “Left My Woman”
  • “American”
  • “Lonely Is A Lifetime”

Side Four:

  • “How”
  • “The Ceiling”
  • “Hardwind”

The Wild Feathers are:

  • Ricky Young
  • Joel King
  • Taylor Burns
  • Ben Dumas


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