Stephen Pearcy – ‘Smash’ – Album Review

If you are expecting Stephen Pearcy’s ‘Smash’ to sound like Ratt, You’re In Trouble.  This Collage of songs is definitely not Ratt and the first two songs, “I Know I’m Crazy” & “Ten Miles Wide”, proves that it is his own album.

Stephen’s screaming of MuthaFucka at the beginning of “Dead Roses” is the Detonator that is set off on this explosion of rock.  They Lay It Down on the blues sounding “Shut Down Baby”.  I’m Insane for the rockers “Passion Infinity” & “I Can’t Take It” as they would fit nicely on any Ratt album.

It’s a Shame, Shame, Shame, but a few songs don’t hold up.  It feels like he pulled “Summer’s End” Out of the Cellar as it is a stale ballad.  The song “Jamie” completely rips off the chorus on the Ratt song “Can’t Wait On Love” and it Drives Me Crazy.  Lastly, the childish sounding “Lollipop” had me screaming Enough is Enough!

I won’t go Round and Round, but if you strip out the bad and leave the 10 good, you have a solid collection to keep you coming Back For More.  So go Tell the World to grab a copy and listen.

10 keepers out 13 songs – 77% (3.8 out 5 stars).

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