My Sunday Song – “Get Up Get Out” by Rhett Walker Band

My Sunday Song #36 is “Get Up Get Out” by the Rhett Walker Band.  The song is off their 2012 album ‘Come to the River’.  Rhett Walker is a Christian Rock & Southern Rock band out of Nashville, Tennessee.  I discovered them by listening to Needtobreathe and this was listed as “Similar Bands”, so I checked them  out and I am glad I did.

This song is about not being silent.  It is about taking action and not being afraid to be different than everyone else.  Whether it is speaking out in support of an issue or speaking out in favor of your faith, the song is an anthem to take action…positive action of course.

I am very guilty of not speaking up and giving my opinion.  I see what goes on with social media and how everyone gets attacked for speaking out against any little thing or for posting a picture that is completely harmless, but social media tears the person apart.

However, i just sit back and don’t speak out against any of that…why?  Well, mostly I don’t want to get attacked or I don’t want to say something that will be misconstrued and I end of getting fired at work for some strange reason.  Now, don’t get me wrong, if there is something terrible going wrong with something I see in public or happening to my kids, I will speak out.  I am talking about social media.  I purposely don’t comment on a lot of the controversial posts for this reason.

There is so much I would like to say to the hypocrites I see on line or to the people posting political comments about other people.  The amount of hate I see from both sides is upsetting to say the least.  I am also afraid if I did start speaking up, I would not ever shut up.  I might alienate a few people as I rip them a new hole for their cruelty and just plain stupidity.

I think I have been rambling a little…back to the song.  This song I use to help give me strength when I need to speak out and it is reminder that I don’t need to sit back quietly.  With all that has been going on lately, people have been speaking out a lot.  There have been so many protests which is good to see people not sitting back and they are having a voice.  Whether I am for or against any of these issues is irrelevant.  The fact that people are speaking out is encouraging in and of itself.

I hope you enjoy it and it gives you some strength as well.

“Get Up Get Out”

I won’t be caged to the status quo
I’m not afraid to stand and say what people won’t
We’re all messed upBroken hearts and broken homes
And if I know the way why would I wait
And simply carry on
(How could I carry on?)The time is now, can’t shut my mouth
I’ve got something to say
We can’t stand by while this world just dies
So move with me today or get up, get out the waySo tell me now how this plays out
If we bow down don’t stand our ground
We’ll slowly fade away

So I choose to be a part of something supernatural
To go the road that goes against the grain
(There is no other way)

Written by Ben Glover, Rob Hawkins and Rhett Walker

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