Friday New Releases – August 25th

It is the last Friday of August and school is back in session for most people (my kids actually start this coming Monday).  August has really sucked for new releases (for the most part).  This week is no different. There is only one I am interested in and it is Degreed.  I already have enough Motley Crue as I have Girls, Girls, Girls on Vinyl and CD and plus they aren’t really offering anything I don’t already have.  Queen of the Stone Age has a new album out as well, but really don’t care…never have.  Man, I am just a downer today…sorry.  My interest is highlighted in Blue.  September looks to be a much better month for releases as Fall generally is the best time of the year for new albums as everyone wants to get it out before Christmas.

  • download-2  Degreed – Degreed – (Gain/Sony):  Degreed came to my attention thanks to a little label called MelodicRock Records and I have been following them ever since.  They are a melodic rock band with a very modern sound and are actually pretty great.  Give them a try if you haven’t.  Each album has some gems (CD is out next week, MP3/Streaming today)

  • 518DpWvkoML._AA160_  Queens of the Stone Age – Villains – (Matador Records)

  • 61BDKZHn67L._AC_US218_  Motley Crue – XXX: Thirty Years of Girls, Girls, Girls – (Motley Records)
  • 51c4s+ifW-L._AC_US218_  Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real – Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real – (Concord Music)
  • 41zn6IzpBlL._AC_US218_  PVRIS – All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell – (Rise Records)
  • 515AHutdvPL._AC_US218_  Fifth Harmony – Fifth Harmony – (Simco LTD)
  • 51RFtfVt46L._AC_US218_  The Cadillac Three – Legacy – (Big Machine)
  • 51oED9bXwiL._AC_US218_  The War on Drugs – A Deeper Understanding – (Atlantic)
  • 61sYW8z-+DL._AC_US218_  Iron & Wine – Beast Epic – (Sub Pop Records)
  • 6110U10eeCL._AC_US218_  Savoy Brown – Witchy Feelin’ – (Ruf Records)
  • 61xCOHZwxGL._AC_US218_  Old Dominion – Happy Endings – (Sony Music)

21 thoughts on “Friday New Releases – August 25th

  1. As you may be aware from FB conversations, I’m really torn on QOTSA. I used to love that band. But now they sound more like Eagles of Death Metal.

    Motley is safe for me to skip — nothing there I need.

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  2. Villains is the only album I care for here. I’m a fan of Homme & Co. and reckon this is up there with their best stuff. Utterly wonderful.

    I might check out Iron & Wine, too.

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  3. I’m surprised you’ve never liked Queens of the Stone Age, but everyone has their music likes and dislikes that can make no sense to others. Adam of Sounds Good blog said QOTSA is his all-time favorite band. And an artist from Scotland that I once reviewed openly dismissed Def Leppard on my recent posting of an article that called “Hysteria” their best album. This person basically said nothing Def Leppard has ever done could be considered good. Oh well, to each their own….

    I’m particularly interested in the War on Drugs album, as I really like their music.


      1. If you like lo-fi rock with fun lyrics and tunes that get stuck in your head for days, you really can’t beat GBV. I’ve been a fan for an embarassingly long time, and I own just about everything they’ve released (which is a huge pile – it’s not uncommon for any given year to see 5-10 releases from them and side projects). An interesting place to start is the hits set, called Human Amusements At Hourly Rates. It’s disjointed (because it’s trying to cover countless sounds and albums over so many years on one disc), but it gives you an idea of their sound and some of the hits – bet you know more songs than you think you do! 🙂 If the hooks get in you (and it’s likely they will), I’m happy to offer album suggestions based on the songs you like from that. Just lemme know.

        What’s on the 8th that you’re excited about?

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