Tuesday’s Memes – The Rolling Stones

The Stones put out a live album of a few weeks back and it made me think…I need to have the Rolling Stones as a topic for the Tuesday Memes.  So, here we are and the Rolling Stones get their own Tuesday Memes.  I hope you have a great week and get a good laugh from these.  Sorry no Halloween related memes, wasn’t feeling it.  Happy Tuesday…

Okay, they are old I get it!!  There were so many old jokes, but I had to use them…

And I know he is 73 now…




And some on the songs…




Who is better…the Beatles or The Stones???  Don’t let a cat fight develop over this argument…oops…too late!


No reason for this one…my wife gets these and they suck!!


And two more for both Mick & Keith…



Have a great rest of the week.


11 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Memes – The Rolling Stones

  1. Keith Richards may be 73 but he looks like he’s 173. I enjoyed these.

    Did you hear the one about Mick Jagger and Boy George on a cruise ship?. It starts sinking, and the captain yells “Women and Children first!” Boy George says, “fuck the women, I’m getting on a life boat!”. Mick says “Do we have time?”

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