Anderson East – ‘Encore’ – Album Review

Anderson East’s ‘Encore’ is the follow-up to his label debut album ‘Delilah’.  With ‘Encore’, Anderson is finding himself and bringing us such a powerful vocal performance.  His voice was so soulful with that grittiness and emotion that it reminded me of Joe Cocker.  For that reason alone, I really dug this album.

He had some help with this album with songs written by Chris Stapleton (“King for a Day”) and Ed Sheeran (“All On My Mind”) both personal favorites.  He also reworked songs by Ted Hawkins (“Sorry Your Sick”) and Willie Nelson (“Somebody Pick Up My Pieces”).


One of my favorites from the album is the upbeat song “Girlfriend” which feels like he is in church testifying his love to the congregation using horns and synthesizer (organ sounds) to give it that churchy feel.

The only song I didn’t really wrap my head around was “Without You” and the only song I might delete.  Outside of that the album is sensational.  It harkens back to old time soulful rock with a little blues that spoke to you and made you feel.  We need more of that music.  The first album of 2018 to grab my attention.

10 keepers out 11 songs – 91% (4.5 out 5 stars)


7 thoughts on “Anderson East – ‘Encore’ – Album Review

    1. It is at least streaming worthy if you get a chance. My daughter wants to go see him in concert and I am still trying to decide if I want to go or not. Luckily it is cheap at only $17 a ticket so we might do it.


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