RSO (Richie Sambora & Orianthi) – “I Got You Babe” / “Forever All the Way” – Single Review

Richie Sambora & Orianthi (or RSO for short) have put out two E.P.’s and now give us two new singles just in time for Valentine’s Day (now this is a little past Valentine’s Day, but that was when I first heard it).  They give is the incredible Sonny & Cher cover of “I Got You Babe” and a new single called “Forever All The Way”.

First off, we will focus on “I Got You Babe”.  Now, I have to admit, I have been waiting for a great cover of the Sonny & Cher classic song.  Sadly, this isn’t it.  In fact, no one is waiting for a cover of “I Got You Babe”.  I am sorry to admit this is dreadful.  Is that harsh?  I am sorry, but it is.  I give them credit for trying a few things different with it.  They definitely bring into the modern era for sound and they try to rock it out.  It doesn’t work.  It was a cheesy song before and it is still a cheesy song now.

I know they are happy together and it is supposed to be a fun song, but there is nothing redeeming about it that will make me ever want to listen to this drivel ever again. I liked their last E.P., “Making History”. This goes in completely the wrong direction from what they accomplished with that one.

Hopefully, the next song “Forever All The Way” will find some redemption.  It is actually the real single even though “I Got You Babe” is the first song.  This is another love ballad with Richie handling the vocals and Orianthi supplying some background vocals.  I will give them this one.  It is heads & shoulders above the gawd awful cover song. Richie sounds great and the guitar playing is simple and elegant which is at should be as these two are great guitar players.  It is a proper love song for Valentine’s Day.  I really like this one for its simplicity.  They aren’t trying to do too much with it and letting the song speak for itself.

If they would have only released this song, I would be much happier and this would get a very high passing grade.  Instead I am still a little nauseous from listening to the earlier song.  As a result, it is only getting a 2.5 out of 5.0 for the set.  If it was just “Forever All The Way” it would be a 4.0 out 5.0.


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35 thoughts on “RSO (Richie Sambora & Orianthi) – “I Got You Babe” / “Forever All the Way” – Single Review

    1. You are right, it does sound like that era. Good comparison.

      I actually laughed when I heard I Got You Babe. I was kind of like WTF!!! I have to say, this duo has not been that impressive overall. Way below expectations and maybe my expectations were way too high.

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        1. I dislike the Disturbed thing, mostly for the sound of the vocals. They did not suit that song.
          I am a fan of doing that. Heavy is good in my opinion, and introducing an old song to a younger audience is good.
          Hopefully they’ll check the original too and expand their music base.

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  1. I got about 10 seconds into both and stopped them. They both bored me. The 2nd song was a bit better but not much.

    I think they need a real rocking heavier sound to kick start their love fest. Maybe get a producer involved that can steer them in the right direction.

    It’s hard to believe people of their talent can’t see that their music together is average at best.

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      1. I respect Bob Rock. He has produced a ton of great albums.
        However, in my opinion he has done crap work as well. I hated his Tragically Hip album production.
        Maybe he tried to soften RSO.

        I say get Rick Rubin or Andy Sneap( who can maybe bring in Halford for a guest.)

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