Friday New Releases – April 20th

Welcome to another Friday of new music releases.  There are a handful of good ones that are coming out and I will highlight the ones I want in Blue.  Take a look through and check them out and see what else you want to get this week or what I missed.  Whatever you do, support the bands you like.  Enjoy!!

  • 61CaDGJBrVL._AC_US436_QL65_  Stryper – God Damn Evil – (Frontiers Records):  The first single off this release, “Take it to the Cross” was a shock to the system.  It was more thrash than the normal Stryper music, but it was awesome.  The second single, “Sorry” was more of what you expect.  Either way, they have me excited about this release and can’t wait to check it out.

  • 61HFVOPvWmL._SX120_SY120_  Black Stone Cherry – Family Tree – (Mascot Records):  Black Stone Cherry have been releasing albums every 2-3 years and they are right on schedule with this one.  I love their Southern Rock/Metal sound and they haven’t missed a beat with this one.  Looking forward to hearing the rest.  Looks like it is going to be a heavy week.

  • 61usEBNABvL._AC_US436_QL65_  Dokken – Return to the East Live 2016 – (Frontiers Records):  The original line-up is back (well for this release only).  The band reunited for these one-off shows (money talks) and they captured it for this Live release.  They did record one new song and it is on here.  Whatever the reason for their return, I will take it.

  • 41RYt-ezJhL._AC_US436_QL65_  James Christian – Craving – (Frontiers Records)
  • 91UFWzGPEGL._AC_UL115_  The Who – Live at the Fillmore East 1968 – (MCA)
  • 51jbxox+06L._AC_US436_QL65_  Ashley Monroe – Sparrow – (Warner Bros)
  • 61A-ZELItBL._AC_US436_QL65_  Sting & Shaggy – 44/876 – (A&M/Interscope)
  • 91l60rlAuBL._AC_UL115_  From Ashes to New – The Future – (Better Noise Records)
  • 51VzX+BUtvL._SX120_SY120_  A Perfect Circle – Eat the Elephant – (BMG)
  • 41VWlylX6qL._AC_US320_QL65_  Thievery Corporation – Treasures from the Temple – (ESL Music)
  • 61mVp5WvcnL._SS500  Jesus Jones – Passages – (Jesus Jones)
  • 81F7AqUp5bL._AC_UL115_  Brothers Osborne – Port Saint Joe – (EMI Nashville)
  • 61BbfaJXP4L._AC_US436_QL65_.jpg  Old Crow Medicine Show – Volunteer – (Sony)

36 thoughts on “Friday New Releases – April 20th

        1. Not yet. I will. I am just in the doghouse a little with all my purchases lately. I have a big Turntables & Vinyl post coming up that is partially why. Plus New York, yadda, yadda, yadda.


  1. I listened to A Perfect Circle earlier and quite liked what I heard. I may check out Black Stone Cherry and likely Dokken.

    Like HMO, I’m gonna be keeping a look out for Sleep’s album.

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      1. Stryper is a christian metal band.
        The spelling of the album title is God Damn Evil, which I take to mean God damns evil which I would say preachers have told the flock for 2000 years.
        So basically they are banning religious content.
        My guess is though, this helps sales with all the publicity, so the band is happy.
        When was the last time (if ever) the media mentioned Stryper?


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