Tuesday’s Memes – Johnny Cash

It is time for Tuesday’s Memes and this week we celebrate Johnny Cash.  Back when Country music was cool and back when men were tough and brazen, there weren’t too many people cooler than Johnny Cash.  He did what he did with no apologies and he never held back.  Sit back and enjoy!

Have a great week!

The songs…





What would Johnny think of today’s Country??  Hmmm…maybe this…





He is Johnny Cash…



Thanks and see you next week for the next installment.


23 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Memes – Johnny Cash

        1. Okay, some have some language but you can probably find an edited version. Here is what I have come up with…I tried to give you a lot of variety

          Linkin Park – Bleed it Out
          Greta Van Fleet – Safari Song
          Gang of Youths – The Heart is a Muscle
          Arctic Monkeys – I Bet You Good on the Dance Floor
          Outkast – Hey Ya!
          Usher – Yeah!
          Imagine Dragons – Believer
          Shinedown – Devil (sorry about this one but it is high energy)
          The Vaccines – I Can’t Quit
          Papa Roach – Born for Greatness

          Some new songs some older and I hope you like them and they work for you. So much pressure!!

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