The Fratellis – ‘In Your Own Sweet Time’ – Album Review

The Fratellis released their fifth studio album back in March, titled ‘In Your Own Sweet Time’ and it has been on repeat.  This album shows us a band who is comfortable being who they are and shows a confidence in both the band and the music.

The album is full of infectious pop melodies and a sound that is strictly their own.  The songs are fun and enjoyable enough to play over and over despite the lyrics not always being so happy-go-lucky.  They will make you want to dance or just sit back and enjoy while you are tapping your feet.  It is a total feel good album.


Jon’s falsetto is on stellar display as well as Barry & Mince’s rhythm section which is the driving force behind the songs.  The highlights for me were “Stand Up Tragedy” about rejection, “Starcrossed Losers” a modern Romeo & Juliet, “Laughing Gas” with its utter joyfulness and “Advaita Shuffle” with its use of guitar.  The most unique song on the album is “I Am That” with its more serious tone and experimental Eastern music flare.

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with this album so sit back and blissfully enjoy!

11 keepers out of 11 songs – 100% (4.75 out 5.0 stars) 



9 thoughts on “The Fratellis – ‘In Your Own Sweet Time’ – Album Review

  1. I didn’t know they were still going! I never really got into them, but a few folks I knew really liked them. One even proclaimed they were hands down the best band in Britain!!

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  2. Great review! I was actually fortunate enough to meet the Fratellis after one of their Costello Music 10th Anniversary shows, and they’re really down-to-earth guys. Glad this album went down so well!

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