Bryan Adams – Diana 12″ EP

Back in 1984, Jim Vallance and Bryan Adams wrote a fun song about a young lady that was about to marry her Prince…literally.  The song was about Princess Diana or so it is assumed.  The song is taken from the viewpoint of a gentleman who had seen Diana in a magazine and then on TV and fell in love with her.  “Diana” was his profession of that love for her and he begged her to leave the life she was about to enter and be with him.

We know that she didn’t do that, sadly, as she might still be with us today.  “Diana” was supposed to be on Bryan’s album ‘Reckless’; however, he left it off as he didn’t want to upset the Royal Family.  He also probably didn’t want to make them mad and screw up his dual Canadian & British citizenship.  The song has actually never been released on any Bryan Adams album or compilation.  It is probably his most popular non-album song.

“Diana” was released as a B-Side to the song “Heaven” and it was released as this very special 12″ 3 Song E.P. which I came across in a collection of vinyl I picked up.  Bryan used to play the song in concert on a regular basis, but upon Princess Diana’s death he has since put the song to pasture and no longer plays it live.  I did find a rumor that stated that Bryan actually did date Diana after her split from Prince Charles.  Now of course, it is solely a rumor and has never been stated as fact by Bryan or anyone from Diana’s camp.  It was a rumor started by one of Bryan’s ex-girlfriends.


The song itself is purely Bryan Adams in all aspects.  It would have fit nicely on the ‘Reckless’ album and I think could have been a big hit.  It has all the elements you want in a Bryan Adams’ song and probably would have ended up being one of my favorites off the album if it wouldn’t have been cut.  Sorry I don’t have a video or the song, but my copy is on vinyl and there are no Videos and I don’t have the song digitally.  Just take my word for it that it is great!  You will be able to hear a little if you listen to the Adamix below.

The E.P. had another song on Side One.  This one was from ‘Reckless’ and it is the ever popular “Summer of ’69’ which was a great year as that is the year my wife was born, but that is another story for another time and now that I have given away her age I better run and hide.


Now, on to the flip side.  Side Two of this E.P. was a megamix of Bryan Adams songs called “The Bryan Adamix”…clever…not really.  It contains a handful of some of your favorite Adams’ songs up until 1985 at least.  The songs are as follows in the order of appearance…

  • “Somebody”
  • “It’s Only Love” featuring Tina Turner
  • “Diana”
  • “Fits ya Good”
  • And ends with “Somebody”

The remix was done by someone called Sanny X who apparently is a world renowned producer and DJ and has did numerous remixes in the 80’s & 90’s by some top artist. I will be honest, it is cool to have the remix, but really it is just okay.  It is worth having it in your Bryan Adams collection, but it isn’t groundbreaking stuff.



Thanks for stopping by and checking out this special Bryan Adams’ E.P.  It is a nice addition to my ever growing collection.


Oh the first time I saw you was in a magazine
The next time you was walking ‘cross my television screen
I knew right then and there that I had to make you mine
The day that he married you I nearly lost my mindDiana whatcha doin’ with a guy like him
Diana I’d die for you, please let me in
Diana can’t you see you drive me wild
Diana I bet you’re just a reckless child

Yes, you got it made I’ve seen you promenade a time or two
He might have lots of dough but I know he ain’t right for you
Cause I’ve watched you smile and shakin’ hands when you do your social scene
You wouldn’t have to do that if you came and lived with me

Diana just can’t get you off my mind
Diana why don’t you leave it all behind
Diana she is queen of all my dreams
Diana gimme dreams, I’ll set you free

Since I saw that picture of you
Nothing matters I just wanna lay ya
We can make it, you and me
So come on baby, come on baby, oh-oh yeah …

(Yeah, here’s how I see it)

Your one choice if you get away, leave it up to me
I’ll bring you lovin’ if you bring your limousine

Diana whatcha doin’ with a guy like him
Diana I’d die for you, please let me in
Diana can’t you see you drive me wild
Diana I bet you’re just a reckless child

Diana oh yeah
Diana you really got a hold on me
Diana you gimme your tears I’ll set you free
Diana yeah – yeah

19 thoughts on “Bryan Adams – Diana 12″ EP

  1. Bryan totally dated Diana. I don’t believe him for a second. They at least made out. Look how slyly he avoids all those questions. Yeah, he did SOMETHING…this actually came up in Daily Mail last week!

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  2. We LOVED this song when it used to come on CFTR out of Toronto. Totally should have been a Reckless track. I own this one on LP and CS. Multiple copies of each, I think!

    My memory tells me that he played this song to the royal couple in person at a Prince’s Trust concert way back in the day, but I might be wrong about that.

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  3. It’s fun to read about records I actually have!
    I haven’t listened to this in ages, agreed about the quality of the A-side and nice-to-have-but-not-really-essential megamix on the B.


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