Tuesday’s Memes – Music Streaming

Since no one buys albums anymore, we might as well do a collection of memes on Music Streaming.  It is only fair we show memes of the glory of music streaming or what we actually hate about it or both.  If you haven’t moved over to the digital age, you aren’t really missing a whole lot other than convenience, mobility and access to every freaking song on the planet all for the price of a CD.  But having the CD or vinyl in your hand is still the best thing ever!!

Here we go…

Apple Music…






Pandora (seems to have the most memes)…






Soundcloud or Bandcamp…


And then random…



And there you have it…have a great week.

12 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Memes – Music Streaming

      1. It’s not just that. It’s the magpie approach. Take a damned disc and give it your attention for an hour. Don’t skip skip skip what could be a clever complex and slow grow of a tune. I know I’m old fashioned but…

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        1. You are not old fashioned. I have finally gotten my oldest daughter to understand to spend time and listen to an album in the order it was intended. Now, she does stream, but she does love her vinyl too.

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