My Sunday Song – “Fractured Mirror” by Ace Frehley

For My Sunday Song #121, we are going to explore the instrumental classic by Ace Frehley called “Fractured Mirror”.  For the next 10 posts, I am going to go through 10 of my favorite instrumental songs.  I figured I would start with the first instrumental song I ever got into.  The song is from Ace Frehley’s 1978 Kiss Solo album and it was the last track on an album that made me wish I could be Ace Frehley and a guitar god.

“Fractured Mirror” was actually the first instrumental that Ace would release would end up being a total of 5 pieces released in total on most of his solo records. You have “Fractured Too”, “Fractured III”, “Fractured Quantum” and finally “Quantum Flux” on his latest release.  For me, they are usually the highlight of the albums.

On Ace’s 1978 solo album, Ace showed he could be the frontman, he could survive on his own and do songs just as good or better than Kiss.  It was the start of things to come.  With “Fractured Mirror”, Ace showed that he was a technical guitarist and that he had the chops to hang with the best.

From the opening bells of the song, the opening guitar riff and throughout the beautiful melodies he created to the ending of that same opening guitar riff, Ace delivered a masterpiece that all his other instrumentals would be compared against.  Sadly, all were good, but none were this good.


He isn’t show boating or showing how fast he can shred, Ace was performing a true song that felt like it had a beginning, a middle and an end.  The song feels reflective and it feels like you are traveling through space or something other-worldly.  It was a song, only the guitar was the vocals taking you on this journey that you will always remember.


Normally, I have lyrics and a video to post, but with this series I will only be able to post a video as they will be lyric free.  Give this one a listen if you have never heard it and let me know what you think.  Thanks and Happy Sunday!!


5 thoughts on “My Sunday Song – “Fractured Mirror” by Ace Frehley

  1. When this record came out back in the day I begged my mom to buy this record for me I was 10, 11 maybe. I did not yet have a record player or stereo, but dad did. We were not allowed to touch dad’s stereo as kids so he had to put it on for me. The first time I heard this I was amazed and star stuck. I wanted to be Ace!! Being a Navy Sailor derailed any chance of being a guitar god or even playing the guitar, but every time I hear this song I’m transported back to that day in 1978 as a 11 year old boy sitting on the floor staring at the speaker as those power chords came blasting through. I still smile…..

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    1. Memories…love how music has that impact that takes you back to such memorable moments in life. Now, it is never too late to learn to play. I just turned 50 and set a goal to learn, been at it a few weeks and I still stink, but I love playing and learning. Thanks for sharing.


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