John Corabi – Live ’94 (One Night In Nashville) – Album Review

John Corabi,  lead singer of the band The Dead Daisies and at one time for a brief moment, he was the lead singer for Motley Crue.  He was on only one studio album and that was the 1994 self-titled album, Motley Crue.  When Vince was no longer in the band, the band reached out to John and bam, we got one of Motley’s most underrated albums.  It was a different Motley Crue.  A little more bluesy, a little more serious and a little more awesome.

However, ever since Vince rejoined the band, that 1994 album has basically been ignored.  When Motley Crue released their vinyl box set called “The End”, they omitted this album along with ‘Generation Swine’.  I was a little pissed.  I wanted all their albums on vinyl.

John Corabi decided to perform this 1994 Motley Crue album live for One Night only in Nashville, Tennessee (but toured it more than just Nashville).  Thankfully, he released it back in early 2018; however, I never found it on vinyl.

Imagine my surprise when I saw an ad for it on Facebook that mentioned he was releasing it as a very limited edition vinyl 2LP set and Bam!!! I jumped on it.  Hell, if Motley Crue wasn’t going to release it on vinyl, then this is certainly the next best thing…if not better!!  Now I swore it said it would be out in February, but it arrived on my doorstep just before Christmas.  That was a nice surprise.

First off, how limited an edition is it?  Well, it is only limited to 300 copies in a Red Splatter vinyl.  What # did I get?  I will show you…


I have to say the set was really sweet.  The package was top notch and just beautiful.  And those red & black splatter vinyl…perfect!


And if that wasn’t enough, it came with a signed autographed picture of Corabi that is now on my wall of autographs (which is a really small wall).


And now on to the music.  What songs are on this album you might ask and that would be a stupid question as it is the 1994 Motley Crue album from beginning to end.  Plus, you get 2 bonus tracks.  One on the vinyl, “10,000 Miles” and one extra on the digital download called “Man In The Moon”.  I have to say that was nice to throw in an extra song on the digital download.


The album kicks off with “Power to the People” and you quickly learn that this is going to be special. The band is top notch and you can hear the Motley Crue sound immediately.  And when you get to “Hooligan’s Holiday” you wonder how that song wasn’t bigger.  It is a beast and one of the best on the album and one of the best Crue has done…period!!  One highlight on this first disc was the song “Poison Apples” with its great guitar solo and just overall spot on rendition.  One track on the first LP is John talking about how he joined the band and it is really interesting and entertaining.

LP #2 kicks off with the song “Hammered” and I think it has more teeth live than it did originally.  All these songs sound great live and makes you wonder why Motley wouldn’t suck it up and play these live even with Vince.  There are some great tracks here.  And one thing that I think is important to note, this album gets better and better with each listen.

The band was even able to pull off the song “Welcome to the Numb” which I think Corabi had reservations about and those reservations were unfounded as they killed it.  Speaking of killing it, “Smoke The Sky” was another blistering song that knocked you on your ass.  After destroying these songs, the band came back out and played “10,000 Miles Away” from the EP ‘Quarternary’…which I do not have in my collection and I am little perplexed by that fact.

Shout outs to Corabi and his band which consists of the following members:

  • Jeremy Asbrock (guitar/vocals)
  • Tommy Daley (guitar)
  • Topher Nolen (bass guitar/vocals)
  • Ian Corabi (drums/percussions) – Yes, this is John’s son and he did his father proud!!


I have to say this was a great live album and I easily give it a 5 out 5 Stars as it is that good.  The songs, the band, the music, Corabi’s vocals and the entire Vinyl packaging were just spectacular and well worth the purchase.  This is what Motley Crue sounded like with a Real Singer!  Don’t get me wrong, I love the early Crue stuff, but this was a more mature and better sounding Crue.  Don’t hesitate to add this to your collection since Motley isn’t releasing it on vinyl.


16 thoughts on “John Corabi – Live ’94 (One Night In Nashville) – Album Review

    1. I have been looking for The Scream one on vinyl as well. Everyone says it is incredible and I Still haven’t heard it. I could stream it, but I want the vinyl. Some day in my digging I will see it (as I think it is available on vinyl).

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  1. Great review, John. I don’t like Crue and I didn’t know the self-titled album when Deke gave it the thumbs up. Genuinely enjoyed it. Those first couple of songs made sure I stuck around… Power to the Music grabbed me right away, Uncle Jack is rocking good, and Hooligan’s Holiday is a belter of a track. Great stuff.

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