Turntables & Vinyl #19 – She Met Sabrina Carpenter

Turntables & Vinyl is my journey through music.  Most of the time it is about my vinyl purchases, but occasionally it is about my musical experiences.  This time it is actually about my youngest daughter’s musical experience.

My youngest keeps bringing up the fact she has never met anyone famous while her older sister has gotten to meet so many famous people including Matt Nathanson, Tori Kelly and actor Keegan Allen.  So, when she found out former Disney star, Actress and Singer Sabrina Carpenter was coming to town she mentioned she wanted to go to the show.

Now, my daughter never really asks to go to concerts (except for Shawn Mendes, but that is another story) so I immediately told her we would go.  She asked about getting to meet her and I reminded her that if it was too expensive, we would not be able to do it.  On the day of pre-orders for the tickets, I go online and look up ticket prices and you know, they weren’t terrible for the meet & greet.  Well they were, but her birthday was going to be shortly after the concert and I thought it would make a great early present.

They were offering two packages, the expensive one that gave you a tour of the Tour Bus as well as a personal meet & greet with Sabrina for individual pictures.  The other lesser expensive one (but still expensive) was no meet & greet, but Sabrina was going to do a  Q&A with the VIPs and a group picture, no individual photo.  You also would get an autographed show setlist and a special gift from Sabrina.


Well, the only one that had the meet & greet was the Tour Bus, so I clicked away and by the time I got to where I was to purchase…BAM…SOLD OUT!!!  Crap!!!  It turns out only 10 were offered and they went super fast.  So after discussions with Morgan, I did select the Lesser one because at least she would get to do the Q&A and be close to her plus an autograph.

Weeks later I get the email about the VIP package and when to get to the show for the Q&A and the Meet & Greet.  Meet & Greet??? We weren’t supposed to get that.  Well, it turns out they changed the lesser VIP Package to be a Meet & Greet as well so she was going to get to meet her after all.


Now I bought two tickets.  One was for me so I could be with her as she wasn’t going in alone. Not on my watch.  Well, my oldest told me to call the place and find out if I needed the VIP package or if I could go in as a Chaperone since she is underage as long as I had a General Admission ticket.  And guess what, I can.  I didn’t need to buy two VIP packages.  Dang it.


Except my oldest had a method to her madness.  Now she wanted to take the VIP ticket and go in my place.  Being the sucker that I am, I bought a general admission ticket and now both girls could go do the VIP package as I bought two to begin with.

The things we do for our kids!!!  I do spoil them too much, but why not…they are awesome!!


If you are still  hanging around, dang you are a glutton for punishment, so thanks for staying.  There is a little more left…

We get to the show and my kids get to meet Sabrina. She was very gracious and kind to the girls.  They each got an individual picture with her and when I asked if they could get one together, the photographer was like…”NO, you only bought two VIP packages you get two pictures”…what a dick!!!  Well, Sabrina, who was definitely in charge of her tour (at only 19), spoke up and said, sure no problem.  That would be fine.  So, we got a special picture with a shared memory for both of them.  Sabrina didn’t have to do that, but glad she did as it meant a lot to me and my girls…Thanks Sabrina!!  It is that kind of thing from an artist that makes it worth doing.


After the pictures, Sabrina got on stage and for about 20 minutes held a Q&A with all the people from the VIP packages. She took questions from the audience and everyone had a fantastic time. It was nice that the package was more than 2 seconds with the artist and out the door.  It made it more valuable with the amount time the kids got to spend with Sabrina and be a part of something extra special.


The autographed setlist (pictured up above) and the special gift (below) were nice parts of the VIP Package.  The special gift were metal straws as Sabrina is trying to save the planet one plastic straw at a time.  The straws came in a nice pouch with the following saying…


Good sense of humor.

They each got 3 metal straws with a brush for cleaning…


The concert was great for what it was.  I am more of a rock show kinda guy so it wasn’t my cup of tea so that is why no concert review like I normally do.  However, the girl can sing and has good stage presence and interacts well with the crowd.  I actually knew a bunch of the songs since they get played a lot when we are all in the car together.  The kids loved it and sang along and that is all that matters.  The only review I can give is that everyone there was having a great time and what more could you ask for.  There were a lot of parents like myself standing around and enjoying their kids reactions as well as the show itself I am sure.

Thanks for hanging around this long…I wanted to document this so my daughter would always have this memory (not that she ever comes to the site, but maybe someday).

5 thoughts on “Turntables & Vinyl #19 – She Met Sabrina Carpenter

  1. John,
    The main thing is you made your daughters day by going that extra mile.
    These meet n greets are silly. I know u did it for your daughters but for myself I just can’t do it! haha
    Even at the John5 show at his merch table there was a sign saying $65 for a photo with John5 after the show. Posted to Facebook..thats your photo right there..nothing more..nothing signed unless u want to pay more…
    Nice to see the 19 year old speak up and let your daughter take the photo together ..
    One pic what does it hurt…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yep, her happiness was all that mattered that night. She had a really good time and will always have that memory. I am glad I am in a position to do that for her.
      So, $65 additional dollars on top of the ticker for a photo. Nope…need a little more than that.
      I can’t say I won’t do it again as I am contemplating a concert for myself and doing the meet & greet because it comes with a seat…otherwise standing room only. For $40 bucks more, it will be worth it.

      Liked by 1 person

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