Friday New Releases – March 29th

March is over and it will go out with a ton of releases this week.  There is something for everyone with this many releases.  We have metal, rock, alternative, country, R&B, jazz and christian music all to be heard and spun.  Actually, for me, there isn’t much I am interested in and I will highlight those in Blue.  Let me know what you found and if I missed anything.  Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend.  If you want to see a bunch of the new releases coming over the next couple months, click New Releases here or at the top of the page.

  • 61e23dfEOBL._SS500_  Billie Eilish – When We All Fall Asleep – (Darkroom/Interscope Records):  Okay, this one is on my list because it is my oldest daughters favorite artist right now and apparently a lot of people are digging her.  She is VERY DARK in her attitude, music and especially the lyrics.  But she has something that is the “IT” factor right now.  A lot of her stuff is a little too weird, but some songs really knock it out of the park.  I will be listening to this one a lot…and not all by choice.

  • 81mrsy-ui6l._ac_ul115_  L.A. Guns – The Devil You Know – (Frontiers Records):  Is this the real L.A. Guns or one of the two touring bands with the same name??  Kidding…a little.  Either way, I will give it a spin and see what this old band still has to offer.

  • 717Td09cImL._SX522_  I Prevail – Trauma – (Fearless Records): Do you want something heavy!  Do you want something LOUD!!  Check these guys out.  This will get your blood pumping.  After a pretty great debut, I am anxious to hear this one.

  • 91HYeTP7FCL._SX522_  Marvin Gaye – You’re the Man – (Motown):  This one has me a little intrigued.  It is a supposed lost album.  Might have to check this out.

And then the rest.  Hopefully there is something for you.

  • a1lojuzwmkl._ss500_  Steve Earle & the Dukes – GUY – (New West Records)
  • 61BMOCUg0gL._SX522_  A New Revenge – Enemies & Lovers – (Golden Robot)
  • 61SQtWZAenL._AC_UL115_.jpg  John Coltrane – Coltrane ’58: The Prestige Recordings – (Craft Recordings)
  • 6114lq9l70l._ss500_  We are Messengers – Honest E.P. – (Curb World Entertainment)
  • 51ulGXEFPqL._AC_US436_QL65_  Yngwie Malmsteen – Blue Lightning – (Mascot Label Group)
  • A1jye9DACdL._SS500_  Jake Owen – Greetings From…Jake – (Big Loud Records)
  • 51I+XYJhcxL._AC_US436_QL65_  O.A.R. – The Mighty – (Black Rock Recorded Music)
  • 91ejR7CLA7L._AC_UL115_  George Strait – Honky Tonk Time Machine – (MCA Nashville)
  • 61lVR1ZlwGL._SX522_  The Maine – You are OK – (8123)
  • 41nFaM6suML._AC_US320_QL65_  The Strumbellas – Rattlesnake – (Glassnote)
  • 5121UZNP4qL._SS500  Whitechapel – The Valley – (Metal Blade Records)
  • 61axb8bug2l._ac_us436_ql65_  Keith Richards – Talk is Cheap (Remastered Deluxe Edition) –  (Mindless Records)
  • 71IVfK2sBXL._SS500_  Eli Young Band – This is Eli Young Band: Greatest Hits – (Big Machine)
  • 31rbeabdnvl._ac_us320_ql65_  Devin Townsend – Empath – (HevyDevy Records)

11 thoughts on “Friday New Releases – March 29th

  1. No too much here John ..LA Guns I liked the live album form last year but i will wait for your words on how it is…
    I wish Keef would have added a live show or something more to the Talk is Cheap reissue….
    Still its Keef…can’t believe that record is over 30 years young!

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  2. I give in one More album tops that Tracy Guns will put up with Phil Lewis. Phill is already running his mouth in the press now, that he is back with Tracy, can get some interest from a press that has ignored him for decades. I was in that Scene in LA and played shows with LA Guns before they were ever signed. Tracy is a real nice guy.

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  3. I was actually listening to Billie Eilish earlier. I’m not sure if it’s something I’d listen to often, but it’s pretty impressive.

    I’ve missed the Steve Earle release, so I’ll get on that.

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    1. Billie is quite impressive. And at only 17 years old and she & her brother do most of the writing, she is quite talented. I tried listening to it without my kids around and I am with you, not something I will go to on my own. But when the kids are in the car, this album has been on a lot lately.

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