My Sunday Song – “Danger” by Kiss

For My Sunday Song #137, we are going to ‘Creatures of the Night’ album and the song “Danger” from 1982.  This album didn’t do that well for the band and the tour did even worse.  Kiss was in turmoil at the time and the band seemed doomed to be at their end.  The album eventually did go Gold, but at the time was a failure.  Now, it is actually regarded to some as one of their best albums…and I would be in that group.

“Danger” was written by Paul Stanley and Adam Mitchell as the band had been using outsider writers for some time now.  Paul had lead vocal duties and Eric Carr was on drums.  But those were the only 2 official Kiss members on the song.  It was thought for a long time that Bob Kulick played lead guitar, but it was actually Vinnie Vincent who was not yet a full-fledge member of Kiss.  Ace, technically, still had that role although he didn’t play on the album.  He did get credited with playing and his picture is on the cover.


And if that wasn’t enough, Gene doesn’t play bass on this one either.  The bass player was Jimmy Haslip from the jazz fusion group The Yellowjackets.  Gene apparently was too distraught over his break-up with Diana Ross to play.

The Creatures album saw the band get back to their true hard rock roots.  Paul was singing at his best and this song really showcased what he could do.  The song was melodic and had power and attitude. Vinnie’s guitar work and solo were amazing and it was easy to see why he ended up in the band (although for a short time).  But like all songs on this album, there was one ingredient that was solid and the reason this album was so good.  It was Eric Carr’s drumming.  What a drum sound this album and song had.  If anyone saved Kiss, it was Eric!!!

Give the song a listen and let me know what you think.  Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a Happy Sunday!


In the night I will be waitin’
Ready to go, soon as the daylight is fadin’
In the night my heart is beating
Out of control, can’t stop the way that I’m feeling
I wanna know how far to go, takin’ my life in my hands
Out on my own, fighting alone, call me the desperate man

Danger, danger, give me danger, danger
Give me measures of pleasure and pain,
boiling the blood in my veins
Danger, danger, give me danger, danger
Give me nothing to stand in my way,
I’ll make the best of my days

In the night, oh, I can feel it
Time slips away, if I can’t pay I will steal it
In the night I will be screamin’
Hour by hour livin’ the life that I’m dreamin’

Under the gun, I’ll be the one,
walking the edge of the knife
Taking the best, leaving the rest,
I’m gonna run for my life


I wanna know how far to go, takin’ my life in my hands
Out on my own, fighting alone, call me the desperate man
Danger, danger, give me danger, danger
Give me fires that endlessly burn,
I’ve passed the point of return
Danger, danger, danger, danger, danger, danger

Written by Paul Stanley and Adam Mitchell

7 thoughts on “My Sunday Song – “Danger” by Kiss

  1. The thing that surprises me the most is I can’t believe Simmons would be distraught over anything!
    Guess the Demon has a heart after all..
    Good track to single out. Man the drums are huge sounding and do indeed lift this album into greatness.
    Micheal James Jackson did a great production on this album as well as Lick It Up.
    When I picked up a copy of Animalize a few weeks ago I was surprised to see that he produced just the drums on that album as well…
    But Creatures out of the 3 had the best drum sound.
    I’m with you on the studio albums as it being one of there best!
    Great writeup!

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    1. I love Creatures more and more. They did capture the drums perfectly and they went to a lot of trouble to do so. Lick It Up was almost as good, but not quite. And the four songs on Killers were awesome as well as they were MJJ produced too. I didn’t know he did the Animalize drums too!!

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  2. I like those albums that weren’t successful at the time but are appreciated later.
    One of my all time top 5, weezer’s pinkerton, would join Creatures of the Night in fitting that description!

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