Bohemian Rhapsody – Movie Review

I have been a Queen fan since I was a young teen back in the 80’s and when this movie came out, I wanted to go see it.  I was worried about the cheesiness of a biopic and if they could represent Queen and Freddie Mercury respectable enough or would it look like a LIfetime biopic?  Could the actors make it believable enough that I could imagine that this was really the guys from the band I know so well?  Could I get lost in the movie and enjoy it?

All valid questions and let me tell you, the answer is yes to all three questions. The movie was respectable, believable and I enjoyed it.  It opens with the band about to take the stage for their Live Aid show and then cuts to 1970 where it all began and Freddie would meet Brian and Roger while the latter two were playing with their band Smile.  And the rest you can say is history.

The movie takes you through the start of the band, the struggles with the label, the struggles with each other and the struggles of Freddie’s life.  And the movie ends with that Live Aid concert which was quite possibly the greatest 20 minute set of any band in history.  How they recreated the Live Aid scene was magical and the Blu-Ray comes with an exclusive behind-the-scenes look on how they did it. Probably worth the price of admission alone.


The movie though left me feeling very sad for two reasons.  First, I really miss the talent that was Freddie Mercury.  He had what could arguably be considered the best voice in music…ever!  A voice that crossed genres and everyone would love.  A voice so amazing, kids today are now discovering Queen…my daughters enjoy him even today.  My oldest, discovering the catalog of music and liking more and more each day.

The second reason it made me sad was how powerful Rami Malek’s performance was of Freddie.  He was so good and was able to show how lonely and sad Freddie was in life. The wild, drug-filled parties were because he couldn’t stand to be alone since he was so empty inside. It was quite heartbreaking.  It was until he was diagnosed with AIDS that I think Freddie finally found peace with himself.


Rami Malek’s performance was amazing, but so was everyone else’s including Gwilym Lee as Brian May, Ben Hardy as Roger Taylor, Joe Mazzello as John Deacon.  They all looked the part and Gwilym seemed to nail Brian…my daughter ever commented on his part.

The greatest part of the movie is of course…the music. So many great songs, so many great performances and the movie captured it all.  I watched this at home on my system, which was great, but I can imagine how this sounded in the theater…it had to be amazing.

This is a movie I think I will watch again and again for the music and especially the Live Aid scene.  For that, I will give the movie a 4.5 out of 5.0 Stars and I highly recommend it. Freddy Mercury is a legend now and I am glad I was around when he was.  My oldest daughter and I are going to see Queen + Adam Lambert this August and I know it won’t be as good as with Freddie, but the chance to hear those songs and at least Brian and Roger are still playing that it makes me just as excited.  Thanks for reading.

14 thoughts on “Bohemian Rhapsody – Movie Review

  1. Yes it was a good movie. I watched it once and i’m pretty good with that. I love the soundtrack best one ever compiled if your counting even Greatest Hits set. That soundtrack was thought out!
    The fella that played Brian May was so good. I thought he stole the show..
    Your right about the younger generation discovering these guys…
    My daughters 3 years ago did the We Will Rock you play in Grade 12 as they were finishing up high school.
    It was amazing that they pulled it off! mind u they rehearsed M-F from 3pm-5pm from Oct to May and it went live with about 8 was sooo good..
    The music was live as well all done by friends of Lex and Lauren..they young cats had the chops as well as the two leads in the movie had excellent voices as well..
    We should have went to all 8 performances is how I put it…

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    1. That would have been a great play to see. Those high school shows can sometimes be great!! My daughter’s high school is doing Mamma Mia and since my daughter is not in it, I will not see it!! I saw it on Broadway (not by choice – work thing) and that was enough!!
      Oh and the Queen soundtrack is the best for sure. I am pissed it is now on vinyl as I had already gone ahead and bought the CD since vinyl wasn’t available at the time.

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  2. On this movie, I am often the “odd man out.” It was good, but it could have been much more. I found it too narrow, focused on the single performer’s personality and complicated lovelife. My recollections of “The Doors” (1991) would rate it better than Rhapsody for getting to know the total band rather than the lead. My recollections of “Saturday Night Fever,” (1977) for heaven’s sake, portrayed family and sibling interactions better.

    That said, I totally agree that the Live Aid footage and the solid acting are worthy of acclaim. I did see it in a theater with an exemplary sound system, helpful just as you suggested.

    My complete review:

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    1. Fair enough. Not everyone can like the same thing right! I agree that it was mostly about Freddie and not the band, but I think that was the whole point of the movie. It was supposed to be Freddie focused. Now, the guy that played May was freaking awesome though. At times, I forgot it wasn’t really Brian.

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  3. I really enjoyed it as a work of fiction, mostly – they played it so fast and loose with the timeline, it was ridiculous. Saw it twice at the cinema and would happily go again.

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  4. I’ve seen folks on my social media talk about this and reports are mixed. Nothing drawing me in other than the Live Aid scene, so I’ll perhaps watch that bit when it appears on Netflix or the likes. But, I would probably watch the actual Live Aid performance if I was a fan of the band.

    They should have called it a movie based on a band called Queen given its mostly fiction. But I was the same with Walk The Line. That was trash.

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    1. I think it would be great to see on Netflix just because it won’t cost you any more than you are already paying. I tried to ignore the inconsistencies and just try to get lost in the movie. All I know is now my oldest is a big Queen fan and that is all that matters.

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      1. Its probably better for someone like me who doesn’t know the history and timeline. I have friends who really liked Walk the Line. But I know a lot about Cash. A lot.

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