Tuesday’s Memes – Queen

Happy Tuesday!  Welcome to this week’s memes.  We are tackling the band Queen this week and why not!  Queen is so worthy of getting this treatment.  So if you week has started off pretty crappy, maybe this will cheer you up a little.  Enjoy!!

Here is the Real Most Interesting Man in the World!!


And a Phd in Astrophysics…pretty impressive:


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Friday New Releases – Sept 2nd

It is Friday and a holiday weekend, what could be better??  Oh, new music!!  Unfortunately, there isn’t a whole lot out today due to the holiday weekend.  For that reason, I will try and check out all of them below.

  • 51gnsBMRkEL._AC_US200_  Art of Dying – Nevermore (EP) – (Vices and Virtues Music):  I enjoyed their album that came out last December, ‘Rise’.  What a nice surprise to get some new music so quickly.

  •  81d8nFRfIlL._SX466_  Freddie Mercury – Messenger of the Gods: The Singles Collection – (Hollywood Records): There is no video released specifically for this release, so I will include one for “The Great Pretender”.