David Z Rock – R.I.P. (Bassist Adrenaline Mob)

Yesterday we lost another great musician, David Z Rock.  His real name is David Zablidowsky.  David Z currently is the bass player for the great metal band, Adrenaline Mob.  Yesterday while the band was traveling to their next show in St. Petersburg, Florida when their RV got a flat.  The band pulled over on the side of the rode when their RV was struck by a truck and sadly David’s life was taken.  Several others were seriously injured and our in the hospital.

I first came upon this bass player from the TV show ‘Z Rock’ that was on IFC.  The show chronicled the life of an actual band called ZO2.  The show was loosely based on the band as they lead a double life of a rock band and a band that plays kid’s parties.  It was so hilarious and quickly became a favorite show I had to watch.  David’s character was the horndog bass player that hooked up with everyone woman at the show plus every mom at the kid’s parties.

After ZO2 ended, he later went on to play bass with the Trans Siberian Orchestra and with RUBIX KUBE: The Eighties Strike Back Show.  He also played for one of my favorite artist, Jeff Scott Soto in both his solo band and his metal band called SOTO.  Jeff Scott Soto has a touching tribute at is Facebook page if you would like to check it out…just click on Jeff’s name.  David Z was recently added to the Adrenaline Mob line up this past year and was touring with them to support their new album ‘We The People”.

In honor of David Z Rock, I give you the following videos.  Rest in Peace sir.

The photo was from Jeff Scott Soto’s Facebook page and appears to be from Rui M Leal

Jeff Scott Soto – Artist Profile

The artist spotlight is on one of my favorite rock vocalists, Jeff Scott Soto. I came across his music thanks to a great website by Andrew McNiece – Melodicrock.com (go check it out). If you haven’t heard of Jeff, let me tell you a little about him.

Jeff has only been in a few bands – Yngwie Malemsteen’s Rising Force, Talisman, W.E.T., SOTO, Soul Sirkus, Redlist, Eyes, Journey (yes, that Journey), Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Takara, Axel Rudi Pell and I believe there are several others so yeah…only a few.

He also has made appearances on so many other albums (too numerous to list). Most recently he was on Joel Hoekstra’s 13 album “Dying to Live” which I thought was a great album. He was even in the fictional band Steel Dragon from the movie “Rock Star” with Mark Wahlberg. And lastly, he has had a great solo career.

I mentioned he was in Journey above. In 2006, Journey let their lead singer go, Steve Augeri, and picked up Jeff to finish the tour.  Jeff had worked withNeal Schon in the group Sould Sirkus which I will talk more about later. I was so excited with that announcement as after hearing his version of “Send Her My Love”, I knew he had the chops for it. Sadly, it didn’t last. After the tour they let him go and went with a different singer.

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