Friday New Releases – July 12th

We are in the second half of the year now and I was hoping for that releases would start to get better after a lackluster first half.  Well, so far, my hopes are dashed.  It is another blah week.  There is one on the list I will listen to and it is mainly because my kids will be listening to him.  It is highlighted in Blue.  Hopefully something floats your boat.  Let me know what that might be or if I missed anything.  Thanks and have a great weekend!!

  • 91L9kVW4nmL._SS500_.jpg  Ed Sheeran – No. 6: Collaborations Project – (Asylum Records):  This album would excite me, BUT, it is a collaboration album…boring!!  No interest whatsoever.  He is best when it is just him…he doesn’t need anyone else so not sure why do this.  It could turn out to be fantastic, who knows.

  • 81GcapB3YeL._SX522_.jpg  311 – Voyager – (BMG):  Ok, this one could be interesting.  I haven’t really listened to much of them since the 90’s, but hey, I need something to listen to this week so why not.

And then you have a lot of McCartney Live and a lot of Little Steven…and that is it.  Sorry folks that there wasn’t more of note (at least of note to me).

  • 71+0Q3WYwML._AC_UL115_.jpg  Paul McCartney – Amoeba Gig (Live) – (Capitol Records)
  • 81NtuTq1NtL._AC_UL115_  Paul McCartney – Paul is Live – (Capitol Records)
  • 81Wb5oQ25ZL._AC_UL115_  Paul McCartney – CHOBA B CCCP – (Capitol Records)
  • 71t3a7oW+KL._AC_UL115_.jpg  Paul McCartney/Wings – Wings Over America – (Capitol Records)
  • 81Y-AM9CSyL._AC_UL115_  Little Steven – Lilyhammer: The Score Vol. 1 Jazz – (UMG)
  • 718RoMbkvbL._AC_UL115_  Little Steven – Lilyhammer: The Score Vol. 2 Folk, Rock, Rio, Bits and Pieces – (UMG)


12 thoughts on “Friday New Releases – July 12th

  1. Wow, just retro live McCartney stuff. Slim Pickens indeed!
    Wings over America is brilliant though.
    Thanks for still doing the updates even if there is nothing to write home about!

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