Britny Fox – ‘Britny Fox’ – Album Review

Do you have a memory that is tied to a specific band and when you hear that band, you immediately are transported to that memory?  Britny Fox has such a memory for me.  Now I am the youngest of 7 kids and I am the only one of the 7 to have lived alone with my parents as an older child as all my brothers & sisters had moved out and I was left alone during high school and part of college.  As a result, I actually was able to take vacations with my parents and it just be them and me.  None of the others got to do that sort of thing.

Every Summer, my parents would head down to their time share down in New Smyrna Beach, Florida and I would tag along because why not…free vacation.  I cherish those times with them and now that they have both passed from this Earth, I think of them often and miss them dearly.  You are probably wondering how Britny Fox helps with that memory and I will tell you.


When this album came out on June 6th, 1988, I had just purchased on CD and we were heading out to vacation. I remember sitting by the pool, with my Sony portable CD player, headphones on and this CD cranked up.  I was probably 18 and since I was so shy, I was not about to be scoping out the hot babes at the pool.  Nope!  Instead, I would sit by the pool in my tan, smoking ripped body and pretend like nothing else mattered but the music.  Ok, not all of that was true…I wasn’t very tan.  Ok, and I didn’t have a smoking hot ripped body.  I was scrawny little shit.


At the time, I really loved this album.  It was pure 80’s Glam metal and Britny Fox ripped off every other bands out there (especially Cinderella) as there was nothing new, unique or even remotely original about this band.  The era seemed to like bands that looked the part and did not care if they necessarily had any talent.  I didn’t care as I had drank the Kool-Aid and was completely mesmerized by the music.  Even if the singer sounded like your 80 year old Aunt Edna who had smoked too many cigarettes and whose voice sounded so gritty and raspy that you thought she was going to hack up a lung every time she coughed.  Didn’t bother me at all and I don’t really have an Aunt Edna.  Damn, I am lying to you guys a lot on this one.  Sorry about that.

When I saw this on vinyl awhile back,  those memories came flooding back and I had to buy it.  When I listened to it, it did take me back to that time, however, the songs were not as good as I remembered and Dizzy Dean Davidson really did sound like Aunt Edna only Aunt Edna was more like 90 now and probably had a hole in her throat from even more cigarette smoking.

Really, the band wasn’t half bad.  The album was full of heavy guitar riffs, it had its rock anthems like “Fun in Texas”, “Kick ‘N Fight” and “Rock Revolution”.  The album had it obligatory ballad with the do gooder song “Save the Weak” and it had a couple hits with “Girlschool” and “Long Way to Love” which were both great songs and had turned me on to the band.  And if that wasn’t enough, they decided to steal a play from Quiet Riot’s playbook and cover a Slade song with “Gudbuy T’ Jane”, but not to the same success they had.

The album was not as great as I remembered, but it wasn’t all that bad either.  One of the least original bands of the time and as a result very limited success, they still hold a little place in my heart more for the memories of vacationing with my parents then the music, but that is okay.  And I have to admit, the music is actually a little fun.  I would rate the album probably a 3.5 out 5.0 Stars as a result. If I didn’t have the memory association, maybe a 3.0.

And take a look at how much of a Cinderella knock off they were…I mean seriously, did they have the same costume designer and hair dressers??


17 thoughts on “Britny Fox – ‘Britny Fox’ – Album Review

  1. That’s a great story, John. I had no idea both of your parents had passed on. Records do bring back memories thats for sure and even though this not a stellar album it takes you back to a simpler time.
    I bought this on CD at the time as your right they did market themselves after Cinderella as I was on a huge kick on Keifer back in 88-89.
    The vocals on this album I cannot handle and it does sound like someone with a hole through there throat! hahaha

    Great stuff man! Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Well, well, well… this is why ‘grunge’ was such a big thing in the early 90’s.

    Thanks for sharing your memories and experiences of liking this for what it was… and having a soft spot for it now due to the attachments (more important than the music).

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      1. I’ve picked up albums for similar reasons. Not all of them have stayed in the collection after a spin or two mind… but I still feel a connection with them.

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  3. I have fond memories of this one (saw them open for Alice Cooper and Great White!) but it’s a 2, maybe 3 song album for me. Did you ever buy the follow-up LP? I’d lost interest by then, but suspect I wasn’t missing much.

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  4. There first album, “Britny Fox” (Columbia), is packed with great songs. I liked it back in 1988 and I still like it today. Yes, the band’s image and MTV look seem silly now but back in those days every band seemed to go in that direction. I say “if you leave the MTV optics out and just listen to the songs you’ll see how great they are”.

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