Merry Christmas: Stryper – “Reason For the Season”

I’m sitting here on this long, cold, winter night with a glass of wine in my hand and some crackers on a plate, contemplating Christmas and what it is all about.

What?  I am sorry, what did you say?

I’m missing cheese to go with my wine and crackers?

No, I am afraid you are mistaken, I have plenty of cheese as I am sitting here listening to Stryper’s Christmas song “Reason for the Season” and you can’t get any more cheesy than that song.


Lyrically, the song is really awful…yet it is so bad that it is actually wonderful.  You can’t help but love it! Really!  If that isn’t enough, you get a “short” version and a “long” version. Wow!!  Because once truly isn’t enough.

The song was released as a Holiday single in March 1985 which seems like an unusual time to release a Christmas themed single.  I think Wikipedia has to have it wrong.  The song would later be issued on the Re-issue of the band’s debut album ‘Yellow and Black Attack’ in 1986 after the success of their second album ‘Soldiers Under Command’.


The song ‘Reason for the Season’ musically reminds of their song “Calling On You” from their 1986 release ‘To Hell With The Devil’ as the chorus from that song has some of the same phrasing as the opening to this one.  It has the classic, early Stryper vibe and that unmistakeable Robert Sweet drum sound. It is a rocking little Christmas tune.

On the flip side of the 12″ Single you get the Enigma logo, but I turned it upside down to make it look like Santa’s beard.



And if two versions of the same song weren’t enough, you get a cover of “Winter Wonderland”.  It is a heavy metal version of the Dick Smith/Felix Bernard classic. Talk about cheese!  This is that stinky kind that smells up your whole house. They talk a little through it (joking around) at the beginning and the end and it is really as bad as it sounds!  They think they are being cute, but it comes across much worse. Michael Sweet is a little over the top on his singing and if there was ever a version of this song we didn’t need, this would be it.

In all honesty, it is a fun little 12″ Christmas single and a nice addition to the collection.  I wanted to remind everyone that Christmas isn’t about gifts…giving or receiving…it is about the birth of our lord and savior…Jesus Christ.  So remind your kids and remind yourself of that fact.  I hope you enjoy your time with your family and/or friends and have yourself a very Merry Christmas!!  Thanks for stopping by!!

9 thoughts on “Merry Christmas: Stryper – “Reason For the Season”

  1. Great post. Never heard the song before, so I’m listening it right now. Hey! It’s NOT that bad. LOL. Stryper is like Deep Purple for me – have tried to get into them but never put in the time. Merry Christmas my friend and fellow music blogger!

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