Neil Peart – Dies at only 67

I had stopped doing memorials for musicians that had died, but this was Neil “fucking” Peart!  The best drummer…EVER!!!

My gateway in to Rush was the album ‘Moving Pictures’ and the song was “Tom Sawyer”.  That sound, that drumming, that everything grabbed my attention and I have been a fan ever since.

Rush…they were one of the best bands I have ever seen live.  I was able to see them back in 1996 and it was a show I won’t ever forget.  There was no opening act and it was all Rush!!  They played “2112” in its entirety which was mind blowing!!  I never saw them again, sadly, which in part is probably due to me thinking that they couldn’t top that show…and you know…they definitely would have been able.


Neil Peart died from brain cancer after a long battle and when Rush called it quits a few years back, we knew then that it was the last time we would ever see the amazing trio ever play together again.  There would be no reunion and then another farewell tour, we actually believed Rush when they said they were done.

Neil, you have inspired numerous drummers and musicians and you music will live on forever.  Thank you sir for all that you left us.  May you Rest In Peace!!

And on a side note, today was a sad day in my world as well as we lost a very beloved pet today…Reid.  Reid was a pretty cool cat and was quite obsessed and in love with my wife.  Trust me dude, I get it…she is awesome!!  We only had him for 7 years and he enriched our lives more than he will ever know.

So, today we ended up losing 2 Cool Cats!!

Here is Reid and I when he decided to come interrupt me while I was working on this blog,  I am sure.  Look at those damn fangs!!  (on the cat moron, not me!!!).  You will be missed buddy!




20 thoughts on “Neil Peart – Dies at only 67

  1. John my sympathies. Losing a pet…no, losing a friend (because that’s what they are) is hard. Double hard on a day like this.

    Great writing. I saw them the following year and they were still doing 2112. It was awesome.

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  2. When we are young
    Wandering the face of the earth
    Wondering what our dreams might be worth
    Learning that we’re only immortal
    For a limited time…
    Neil Peart’s music and lyrics are truly immortal.
    R.I.P. Neil Peart and Reid

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    1. Thanks Geoff. That cat had some major issues with my wife. It was scary! He followed her around, stared at her, would climb up and chew on her hair…the list goes on and on…but he was a great cat and he played fetch like a dog.

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