January 2020 Purchases – Vinyl & CDs

Welcome to the new decade and my monthly recap of purchases that I make.  I do this as not everything I buy ends up on the site so you can see some of the items in my collection. Also, it helps me remember when I bought something and now I have it stored in the Internet universe forever (or as long as I keep paying annually for my site).

On the weekend before New Year’s Day, I went and did a little digging. Now, I know that is not January, but I had already finished and edited my December post and I didn’t have time to update.  So, these purchases get to be a part of this post.

First up was a trip to Lunchbox Records in Charlotte, NC.  My oldest daughter wanted to go and being the good dad, how could I say no.  I did some digging and found somethings, but nothing that I hadn’t seen before or that was priced right.  I found my way over to the 45’s and the 10″ records and there I saw and old Cheap Trick 10″ called ‘Found All the Parts’.  I know it probably isn’t super rare, but I had never seen one so I grabbed it.  I tell my daughter the fun thing about digging is finding that one thing you haven’t seen before.  And when you see it, you better buy it.  I haven’t always followed that rule and I have a couple regrets on that.


On the way home from Lunchbox, we passed my favorite record store Noble Records and of course we had to stop.  As always he had great stuff, but being after Christmas, I needed to be careful what I spent.  I had a few things put aside as maybe, but not that one thing I haven’t seen before.  Well, that was until I found a 1982 French pressing of The Best of Whitesnake.   This was not available in the US and I hadn’t seen it.  Heck, it isn’t even on the Wikipedia Discography for the band.  Since I am in the middle of the David Coverdale Series on my site, I thought this would be perfect and grabbed it.  Now, this one will get reviewed and you can expect it on Monday.


And then a week later, I was prepping some drafts for my site and doing some Coverdale posts and I couldn’t find my copy of Coverdale Page on CD.  That was because I don’t have one anymore.  I thought I saved that one, but apparently not.  So, off to Amazon for a quick purchase and 2 days later, it was at more door.  Now, it is a CD as the vinyl is very expensive when you can find it and I spent enough last month.  Here it is still in the shrink wrap as I haven’t even opened it yet.


Back around Black Friday, Michael Sweet offered up his debut solo album on vinyl, for the first time I believe.  Naturally, I ordered one and it came on January 7th.  It is fantastic and I hope he does that with his other early solo albums as I will get them as well.  He offered a bunch of different colors and prices and I amazingly stuck with the simple, cheaper black vinyl.  I try to control myself when I can.


If you are a regular on my site, you might have noticed the advertising popped up.  Yes, I broke down and did it, but it was mainly to help supplement my record buying habit.  So, I received my first check in January and I took that money and went on a buying spree.  I picked up some whoppers…in my opinion.  The first one is the Deluxe Edition of the debut album of Generation X, called Generation X.  It is a 3 LP set with lots of bonus material.  You will get a proper review soon as I will go back and add it to my Billy Idol Review Series.  I have the original album on vinyl thanks to the wonderful Aaron, I needed this for the bonus material.


I also bought the vinyl for Tom Keifer’s latest album ‘Rise”.  It was one of my favorite albums last year and so a vinyl was needed.  Check out the review.


Then I aded to the cart a recent re-issue of Triumph’s Greatest Hits which is one of the best greatest hits album by any band.  It is a 2LP set on Silver vinyl with 3 bonus live tracks.  I can’t wait to spin this one.


And the final one on the Ad Check is what I am listening to as I am writing this. One of my favorite debut albums by any super-group…Damn Yankees. I have wanted this on vinyl for so long, but it came out when vinyl wasn’t being made that much and it cost north of $100.  Well, thanks to Music On Vinyl, they issued a limited edition of only 1,000 and at a really low price…done!!  It was a fun day when the mail man brought all these to the door at one time!!


The last thing I got this month wasn’t a purchase, it was a gift from my wife.  We celebrated 18 years as husband and wife.  My beautiful bride gave me a book on record collecting.  She knows my habit has gotten out of hand and she has finally accepted it.  The book is called “Dust & Grooves: Adventures in Record Collecting” by Eilon Paz.  Eilon interviews around 150 collectors and the book is filled with those interviews and a ton of pictures of their collections.  It is pretty impressive.  I need to review this down the road as well.  The book is thick and quite heavy!!


And that is it for the month of January 2020.  The first month of the new decade started out quite nicely…Here is everything I got in one shot…


Until next month, Happy Purchasing!!!

15 thoughts on “January 2020 Purchases – Vinyl & CDs

  1. Congrats on the Wedding Anniversary John. 18 years that’s impressive. Me and Sue hit number 24 next month!
    Cool scores as always at Snow HQ’s. That little Cheap Trick EP is a little ass-kicker. Some cool stuff on there. I may have even reviewed it a few years back.
    Rise is awesome we all know that and Triumph man. That’s so cool. Going to be a big year for them as that documentary looks awesome or it should be!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Yeah it’s impressive John that we survived haha
        Next year is the girls 4th year in University so our focus is on them getting through it
        Than Im packing in work in just over 2 years so yeah I have to make it down to Sausage Fest

        Liked by 1 person

  2. That Keifer album is on my ‘vinyl wants’ list. One of the albums I listened to most last year… it really surprised me.

    I quite fancy having a look through that Dust & Grooves book… and there was a time I’d have been able to sit down in Borders at lunch and do just that!

    Liked by 1 person

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