Friday New Releases – January 31st

We are to the end of our first month and the new releases have been a little limited and nothing that jumps out as blowing me away yet (but since I wrote this before the January 24th releases have come out, there could have been something out then, but the only one I want is Revolution Saints so we will see).  This week has a lot of releases and a little something for everyone…but me really.  You get pop, metal, rock, indie, christian, jazz and country, so a bit of everything. I hope there is something for you.  Mine are normally highlighted in Blue, but there is nothing I am running out and getting this week.  I need to save money so that is a good thing.

  • 81v3RCNblLL._SX522_.jpg  Theory of a Deadman – Say Nothing – (Roadrunner Records) – A Canadian rock band sign to Chad Kroeger’s record label…enough said…or the less said the better…either way.

  • 81AsVbYyVpL._SX522_  Dashboard Confessional – The Best Ones of the Best Ones – (Hidden Note  AWAL) – Were they emo, indie, alt rock??? I am not sure…all of the above. This is a greatest hits album and if you are a casual fan, then this would be great place to begin.

  • 8191x548uyL._SS500_  Joseph – The Sessions: Vol. 1 E.P. – (ATO Records): This trio are really talented.  I saw them open for James Bay and they sounded amazing. Great harmonies and  really fantastic.  Not my cup of tea normally, but worth a shot.

  • 81q7H5ZcHCL._SS500_.jpg  Louis Tomlinson – Walls – (78 Productions LTD / Simco / Sony):  The guy from One Direction…okay, one of the guys.  Need I say more??

And all the rest….

  • 61NGSK6zvOL._SS500_  We are Messengers – Power – (Curb / Word Entertainment)
  • 612rVcOZRkL._AC_UL115_  Clint Lowery – God Bless the Renegades – (Rise Records)
  • 81LJsDhk8-L._SS500_  Lordi – Killelection – (AFM Records)
  • 81-lFc2moKL._SX522_  Serenity – The Last Knight – (Napalm Records)
  • 91CojGIOxJL._SS500_  Marc Almond – Chaos and a Dancing Star – (BMG Rights)
  • 81x0wqVrlwL._SX522_ Gary Moore – Live from London – (Mascot Label Group)
  • 81RfdCRFMhL._SX522_  Drive-By Truckers – The Unraveling – (ATO Records)
  • 91h94gIDauL._SS500_  Matt Redman – Let There Be Wonder (Live) – (Integrity Music)
  • 61t1lKw1A8L._SX522_  Joey Alexander – Warna – (Verve Records)
  • 81HvDurHNzL._AC_UL115_  Meghan Trainor – Treat Myself – (Epic Records / Sony)

22 thoughts on “Friday New Releases – January 31st

  1. I remember really liking the acoustic guitars on a dashboard track from 15-20 years ago, Screaming infidelities. Though I never explored further, so perhaps like you said, this might be the place to start!

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