Friday New Releases – April 3rd

April is here!  And as I write this, who knows how crazy it has become.  I am sure we are still at home, I am sure the kids still aren’t back to school and the world is probably closed down…for the most part.  But, there is still new music coming out and hopefully that hasn’t completely stopped otherwise this whole post will be for naught.  What I am interested in are highlighted in Blue.  Let me know what you are digging and what I might have missed.  Stay safe and I hope you have a great weekend.

  • 91zVuVV8yvL._SX522_  Ratt – Atlantic Years 1984-1990 – (Hne): I don’t really need this set as I do have all 5 albums on vinyl.  I am really interested in the bonus material.  If you haven’t gotten into Ratt, then this set is them in their prime and worth grabbing at a decent price.  If you want to know how I rank their albums….check it out HERE!!!  Now here is a little Round and Round for you.

  • 719DQGNyV4L._SS500_  Billy Raffoul – A Few More Hours a YYZ E.P. – (Interscope Records): I came across Billy Raffoul at the Needtobreathe concert.  He was the opening act.  I got to meet him, a horribly bad selfie with him and I bought his debut vinyl E.P. which he was kind enough to sign. So, naturally, I am going to be listening to this one.  Hoping for a little something different, but either way, he is awesome.

  • download-7  Red – Declaration – (Red Entertainment/The Fuel Music):  This metal band I have been following for yours.  They can be heavy as hell and yet melodic.  The music is positive and they have been labeled as a Christian Metal band, but they are really so much more than that label.  Give them a try.

  • 71zLkttN0NL._SS500_  Dynazty – The Dark Delight – (AFM / Soulfood Music):  Lastly is Dynazty. A Swedish power metal band that makes some pretty cool shit. Very melodic at times, very heavy and all around kick ass music.  They’ve earned my respect so they naturally earn a listen.  Check them out.

And all the rest…

  • A1eFOVT6epL._SX522_  Testament – Titans of Creation – (Nuclear Blast)
  • A1Z5i4P880L._SX522_  August Burns Red – Guardians – (Fearless Records / Concord)
  • 81rs7sIyUbL._SX522_  All Time Low – Wake Up, Sunshine – (Fueled by Ramen / Warner)
  • 7134yyac24L._AC_UL115_  The Monkees – The Mike & Micky Show Live – (Rhino Entertainment)
  • 91l3TKzoqsL._SS500_  Ashley McBryde – Never Will – (Warner Music Nashville)
  • A1IXjp9vC0L._AC_UL115_  Sam Hunt – Southside – (MCA Nashville)
  • 716OtCmY4lL._SX522_  Thundercat – It Is What It Is – (Brainfeeder)

23 thoughts on “Friday New Releases – April 3rd

    1. I’ll get that one eventually. I did just order a vinyl that says it is coming Thursday. We will see. It is the Billy Raffoul EP on vinyl. I didn’t know it was available or I would’ve ordered it earlier so it would be here today.


  1. I look forward to this blog every week. Will check out Ratt and never heard if Red. So giving them a spin. I got a review of thast Pearl jam record coming, probably won’t make any friends. Lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad to hear that.

      Hm…can’t wait to read the PJ review then!! And Red is a pretty heavy band…a lot of religious themes in their music thus the Christian rock tag, but some pretty solid songs that will knock you on your butt. I haven’t heard this one yet, but on the list for later today hopefully.

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