Kiss – Animalize World Tour 1984-85 – Tour Book

On January 9th, 1985, I went to my 2nd Kiss concert which as the old arena called the Omni.  That arena is no longer around, but the memories I do still have.  The opening act was Krokus and they were great.  The tour was for the Animalize Tour and the lead guitarist on this one was supposed to be Mark St. John, but he was fired in December of the previous year.  Bruce Kulick took over duties for the remainder of the tour and for years later. I hate I didn’t get to see Mark. He is the only Kiss guitarist I have not seen live.


The setlist for this show was below and not all too different from the Lick It Up Tour I saw before.

  1. Detroit Rock City
  2. Cold Gin
  3. Creatures of the Night
  4. Fits Like a Glove
  5. Heaven’s On Fire
  6. Guitar Solo
  7. Under the Gun
  8. War Machine
  9. Drum Solo
  10. Young & Wasted (Eric now on vocals)
  11. Bass Solo
  12. I Love it Loud
  13. I Still Love You
  14. Love Gun
  15. Black Diamond
  16. Oh! Susanna (Encore)
  17. Lick It Up (Encore)
  18. Rock and Roll All Nite (Encore)

For this concert, I bought my first concert souvenir as I would have had a job by the time this show came around.  I believe I was a bag boy at Kroger…excuse me…a Courtesy Clerk.  I bought one of their big ass programs.  I still have the Tour Program from that show and it still had Mark St. John throughout since they didn’t have time to change them up after firing him.  This post is really about the Tour Book and we will go page by page.

On the first page you get a listing of all their albums up to this point.


And on the other side of the page was a great group shot from one of the bands photo shoots for the Animalize music videos and album.  And I will go ahead and point it out that Gene’s wig was horrible.  It gets worse as the pictures go on.


Then of course we get a couple pages of each of the band members…plus a corny as quote…Awesome!!  First up is Paul Stanley and rightfully show as if it wasn’t for Paul, Kiss would have died out in the 80’s Gene was too busy with this movies (thus the bad wigs).



And then the Demon himself…or whatever he was during this time period…he was so lost not being the Demon anymore.  However, that is another story.  Here is Gene Simmons.



Then you get the fireplug, the small but might, the late great Eric Carr.  He was awesome and a great member of Kiss.  This tour was the first that Eric was given the microphone to sing and yeah for that!!



And last you get the lead guitarist with the shortest stint in the band, the late Mark St. John.  He was cut loose one month before I saw them live, but so unexpectedly and with such short notice, that the band couldn’t fix the Tour Programs and he was left in even though Bruce Kulick was the guitarist for the remainder of the Tour.  And I am happy as I think Bruce is the best.



In between Gene & Eric’s pages, there was a centerfold with a great shot of the band.


And being the 80’s, you couldn’t get away from Kiss posing with half-naked women and being a teenager at the time, I am so glad they didn’t omit those pictures.  And I noticed there were some words here to, but it took me awhile to notice those.


And the last two pictures.  One with behind the scene shots of the tour…


And the other, thank you’s and credits for people that helped bring the tour to life each and every night.


There you have it.  The Kiss Animalize World Tour Book 1984-85.  And for a final send-off, I will give you the cool back cover of a woman’s scratching her way through the book.  It is really a cool shot.


I have two more Kiss Tour Books in the collection so I will go through those as well in the near future.  Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


20 thoughts on “Kiss – Animalize World Tour 1984-85 – Tour Book

  1. Great stuff John. By keeping that tour book in mint shape it brings back some cool memories. Thanks for sharing.
    CK Lendt wrote quite an interesting book on KISS back in the late 90s. He spills the beans on the business side of things.
    Great read if you ever come across it.

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  2. This brings back great memories. I saw this tour with Mark St. John playing the entire set. It was Poughkeepsie NY and Queensryche opened while on The Warning tour.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is so cool. He only played on three tour dates and from what I’ve read, that was one of them. That is a piece of Kisstory very few people have seen. And great opening act with Queensryche. My first time seeing them was when they opened for Leppard on the Hysteria Tour. They were fantastic.


      1. Yes, I’m lucky to have seen the band with Mark. It was my first Kiss concert. 13 years old. I had no idea what was going on with him and the band. General admission show. Paid 12.50 and got to go right up front. Those days have been over for a long time. Wish I still had the 3/4 sleeve concert shirt. Someone stole it. Thanks for the reviews!

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