Bon Jovi – Bon Jovi Tour 2011 – Tour Program

Welcome to the next Tour Book in the Bon Jovi Tour Book collection…and I only own two so a small collection at the moment. I didn’t start out collecting Tour Books for Bon Jovi, nope. I was only going to collect the Kiss Tour Books. However, life has a funny way of changing things. While out walking around an antique mall, I found my first Tour Book from the New Jersey Tour. It was cheap, so I bought it. This next one, I was out for Record Store Day on August 29, 2020 and after picking out my RSD vinyl and while I was waiting to check out, I saw another Tour Book for Bon Jovi. The price was right and so there you have it. I now have two and now seem to have started a Bon Jovi collection as well.

This Bon Jovi Tour Book is from the Bon Jovi Live Tour in 2011 in support of their sixth greatest hits compilation which is probably 4 too many as how many do you really need.  The tour went from February 9, 2011 until July 31, 2011 and was around 59 shows between North America and Europe.  It was huge success as most of their tours are and it was interesting one in that Richie Sambora would miss part of it due to having to go to rehab for “exhaustion” and alcoholism.  His replacement for part of the tour was Phil X who would end up replacing him in the long run a couple years later.

The band at the time was still the main four guys (Hugh McDonald was still not a full-time member).

  • Jon Bon Jovi
  • Richie Sambora
  • Ticco Torres
  • David Bryan

And the typical setlist was pretty impressive at 24 songs…

  1. Raise Your Hands
  2. You Give Love a Bad Name
  3. Born to Be My Baby
  4. We Weren’t Born to Follow
  5. Lost Highway
  6. It’s My Life
  7. Runaway
  8. The More Things Change
  9. We Got It Going On
  10. Captain Crash & The Beauty Queen From Mars
  11. Bad Medicine (with snippets of Oh, Pretty Woman)
  12. Lay Your Hands on Me (Richie Sambora on lead vocals)
  13. When We Were Beautiful
  14. Bed of Roses
  15. I’ll Be There for You
  16. Who Says You Can’t Go Home
  17. I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead (with snippets of Start Me Up)
  18. Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night
  19. Have a Nice Day
  20. Keep the Faith
  1. In These Arms
  2. Wanted Dead or Alive
  3. Blood on Blood
  4. Livin’ on a Prayer

Now it is time to go through the Tour Book in full page by page detail. The band is called Bon Jovi but the Tour Book should be called Jon Bon Jovi as he is the most prominently featured member of the band to the point of ad nauseam. We all know it is his band, but the other members are just as critical, but get hardly any of the screen time. Rather disappointing. Enough talk, let’s get to pictures…

Six pages in and we are already 3 full pages that are only Jon. Not a complaint so much as an observation…

And now some full band pictures…

What I like about this next one is that for every non-Jon Bon picture there is a Jon Bon picture. Seems fair….

Finally pictures with no people…

And more Jon with others thrown in…

The band’s prior album was the Circle in 2010 and this was some leftover shots from that…

Now we get to the individual band members and yes…Jon is first up…

Then Richie…who is sorely missed…

Tico Time…

And the curly haired man…David…

Oh wait…there is a 5th member…Jon’s ego…yes he gets yet another page…AGAIN!!!

And then it is the final pages including the credits for all responsible for the tour…

and that is the end with the exception of the back cover which surprisingly isn’t a picture of Jon’s ass like was done on the New Jersey one.

And there you have it…The Jon Bon Jovi Live Tour 2011, sorry, I mean the Bon Jovi Live Tour 2011, my bad. I hope you enjoyed this trip through the Tour Book and you didn’t got too annoyed with my jabs at JBJ…he is fun to pick on and it was all in jest..mostly.

19 thoughts on “Bon Jovi – Bon Jovi Tour 2011 – Tour Program

  1. No wonder why Richie left, Jon kept on stealing the spotlight when the real star was Richie! Nah, I’m just joking, but every time I hear a Bon Jovi song nowadays, I always scream “RICHIE COME BACK!!!!” I can’t believe it took the band so long to make Hugh an official member, props to him for holding that long before he got the credit he deserved!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, as long as Hugh was getting paid, it wasn’t a total loss for him.

        Even more so now with Jon’s voice not being so great nowadays, I’d much rather hear Richie sing the songs rather than Jon. Richie’s showmanship on stage stole the show for me whenever I watched Bon Jovi gigs on youtube.

        Liked by 1 person

          1. I should’ve gotten into them when Richie was still in the band, now I’ll never see Bon Jovi with Richie. Knowing Jon’s work ethic, whether he can sing or not, he’d probably be singing until he’s well you know….

            Liked by 1 person

  2. I didn’t mind the Circle. I like that track Work for the Working Man a lot. The greatest hits that followed…not so much. I think the greatest hits era that this tour book represents is pretty much when I checked out. No more memorable songs, Richie looks miserable. This one is kind of a sad reminder of Bon Jovi’s decline. They used to pretend at least to be a real band.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is what I love about this tour book, it is a reminder of how it is the Jon Bon Jovi show now. I guess I shouldn’t say, love, but it is a turning point in the band and for that I like the history of what it says.


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