You Pick It! – Which Album to Review in January?

You, my reader, are going to pick an album for me to review each month.  It is really simple…first, I will give you 5 albums to choose from and second, you will tell me which one of those you would like to see reviewed on the site.  See…simple!

There are a few simple rules I have put in to place in my selections.  They are…

  • One has to be a new release (within the last month)
  • One has to be one I have never heard before (new releases don’t count for this one)
  • One has to be from a genre I don’t normally listen to at all or very often
  • And the last two are choices from my collection that I haven’t reviewed before

What are the 5 albums you ask?  Funny you should ask because I have those right here…

  New Release – Miley Cyrus ‘Plastic Hearts’ – her rock album…maybe

 Never Heard Before – The Beach Boys – ‘Pet Sounds’ I know, shameful, but I’ve never played it beginning to end even though I know some songs.

Not My Normal Genre – John Coltrane – ‘A Love Supreme’

  From My Collection – Rage Against the Machine – ‘Renegades’

  From My Collection – The B-52’s – ‘Cosmic Thing’

Let me know which one you would like to see and sometime in January, I will post a review of the album that gets the most votes. You have one week to decide and from there I will start listening to the album and do a review.

Thanks for participating!!

53 thoughts on “You Pick It! – Which Album to Review in January?

  1. Pet Sounds… the pop melodies are great on this one. Rolling Stone still has it at number 2…I don’t agree with that ranking…but the album is special.

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  2. Write-in: Napalm Death – From Enslavement to Obliteration.

    If that loses, tally me up for John Coltrane! He’s as close as anyone to Miles Davis on that list, and he was on Kind of Blue!

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        1. Do it! Scum their first album is in the 1001 albums you must hear before you die. So Stephen1001 has reviewed it. That album has a totally different lineup on Side A as opposed to Side B, with the exception of drummer Mick Harris. This second album From Enslavement is the side B lineup from Scum with new bass player Shane Embury.

          So you could go for Scum or From Enslavement for not your normal genre. I think Enslavement is more consistent due to the lineup stability, if not as rugged.

          This is from Side A. A little more hardcore punk influenced. You decide!

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  3. I’m aiming for Beach Boys, but I’m kind of curious about Miley’s new album since I grew up with her on Disney Channel and it’d be interesting to see how much she’s changed since then. So Miley is my final choice!

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      1. I’ve read a lot of the comments before I commented back, and most of them said Beach Boys, so I won’t be surprised if they win for your January pick! Thanks for letting us pick which album you review next.

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  4. My vote is Miley Cyrus. I was pleasantly surprised with the album. The tracks with Billy Idol and Stevie Nicks are both solid. I’m curious on your take on the album.

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  5. I look forward to any of those albums actually, but I’ll throw my vote behind the band that told us to “Roam if you want to. Roam around the world.” or as I refer to it as – “the not happening in 2020 song.” Lol. Merry Christmas!

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