Kiss Funko Pop! Rocks Figures

My youngest daughter loves her Funko Pop! Figures and was thrilled when I got my own set of the Def Leppard Funko Pop! Set. She also knows I am a huge Kiss fan and so for Christmas this past year, she searched out and found all 4 of the Kiss Funko Pop! Rocks Figures. I was thrilled and happy to get this set and to come from her makes it extra special.

This set is the 2nd Kiss set in the Funko Pop! Rocks series as they are numbered #121-124. The first set in their series was #04 to #07 and they looked a lot different than this set. And it is much more expensive, so maybe some day down the road I will find that, but for now I am going to enjoy this special set.

This set doesn’t go by the band member’s actual names as that would be tough to choose who you are basing the make-up and the costume on and possibly give credit to past members and Kiss doesn’t want to do that. Instead, they are based on the Kiss characters each rock star is playing.


First up is The Demon or Gene Simmons as he is the only one to be the Demon. It has the classic huge tongue and the torch for him to spit fire. He is playing his bass, but not the Axe which is fine, but would’ve been cool. The outfit has the bat wings on the arms and the massive boots. The only thing missing is really a little blood around the mouth for his blood spitting antics.


The Starchild is up next and that would actually be Paul Stanley, as like Gene and the Demon, he is the only one that has ever been the Starchild. He is in an a classic era 70’s get up with the tassels on the arms and the raised platform boots strumming a guitar, but not his signature guitar though. Not much more you can do with the Starchild.


Next we have The Spaceman. The outfit and everything about it is 70’s Kiss so that would make this Ace Frehley, but it sort of looks more like Tommy Thayer and since this was released while Tommy it probably should be him. Since they only put the Character description and not the band member name, I can’t be certain.


Finally we have The Catman and this one is my favorite as it has the drum set along with it which is really cool. The Catman currently is Eric Singer and not Peter Criss and I am not sure which one this is really representing. I am sure purists will say it is Peter, but timing wise of the release it could be Eric. And you know what, it truly doesn’t matter as it is still cool either way.

Now that I have both a Kiss set and a Def Leppard set, I can pretend I am back in 2014 when Kiss and Def Leppard toured together and recreate the concert with my figurines. Oooh, I can’t wait. Got to go now and get the stage set up as Leppard goes on first. I wonder if The Catman will let Rick Allen borrow his drum kit since Rick didn’t come with one…I feel bad for Rick now. Thanks for stopping by!!

15 thoughts on “Kiss Funko Pop! Rocks Figures

  1. These are awesome. My lovely wife would love these. We only have two Funko thingys in our house: my lovely wife has an awesome Bob Ross I got her as a gift, and I have an Evgeni Malkin I found cheap somewhere. I saw the Metallica ones of these one time and thought nah, but now I kinda wish I had. An image of Lars I could stand lol.

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  2. These are awesome. I just searched for the Beatles…damn 700 – 900 dollars…That must be some special collectors set… I’m going to keep searching…I gotta get some now.

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