Def Leppard Funko Pop! Figures

I know, I know…what am I, 5 years old!! At least that is what my wife thinks, but when I saw these at the store and for only $5 a piece, I had to have them. Why? Because it is Def Leppard and I like collecting things that are Def Leppard.

Yes, Funk Pop! have released a set of figurines for each current member of Def Leppard. And they do a pretty good job on getting it right, but I have a few complaints. First, who do they have?

Joe Elliott…

Rick Savage…

Rick Allen…

Phil Collen…

And Vivian Campbell…

I think Vivian’s is the most accurate of the bunch and then probably Rick Allen’s figure. Yes, they even have it shy an arm. It might have been cooler if he was wearing the Union Jack shorts that he was known to wear. The one they got wrong is Phil Collen. No, not in the look, but the fact he is wearing a shirt. Phil doesn’t ever wear a shirt. It should be shirtless and all greased up and shiny. Rick Savage and Joe Elliott are okay, but missing something. Joe should probably have the Union Jack shirt on and maybe Rick needs a different, more recognizable bass.

Still, all-in-all, they are fine and I am only being picky. They are fun and I will add them to the bookshelf somewhere near the Def Leppard cube and who knows, maybe I will get the Kiss ones if I see them out somewhere and at a reasonable price. That is all as this 5 year old needs a nap!

Oh yeah, I have since discovered there is a stage display for the band, but that is $45 plus shipping…maybe I can find this someday and get it…hmmm…the hunt is on…MUST HAVE!!!!

41 thoughts on “Def Leppard Funko Pop! Figures

  1. Man what genius came up with that company idea. Let’s make stupid dolls of things just obscure enough for people to think it’s cool that they exist, but make them all the same exact design so production costs are next to nothing.

    Too bad I don’t own stock in it.

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      1. Shouldn’t be too hard. He lives in Canada so he gets his wealth redistributed for him for the “greater good”. Sure ambulances are harder to catch than a taxi in New York there, but at least they can say they have the moral high ground, right?

        Funko Pops can break his bank no problem.


  2. I remember seeing pics of the Def Leppard funko pops and I thought Sav looked like Steve Clark a bit, partially because his bass looked more like a guitar. But mostly because of the dirty blonde, goldie locks hair (similar to what Steve had going on in the late 70s – early 80s).

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  3. Hi John, as you know I was looking forward to this one! And you have discovered a stage — welcome to the rabbit hole of toy collecting.

    I am on the fence about Funko Pops. We have some hockey ones here but they are Jen’s. I personally don’t like Bobble-type figures with the exagerrated proportions so I stick to “action” figures. However, a full set of Leppards is mighty tempting. Thanks for the pics.

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