The Original vs. The Cover vs. The Cover – “Hide Your Heart”

For this version of the The Original Vs The Cover we have yet another threepeat with the song “Hide Your Heart” which was original performed by Bonnie Tyler, then Kiss and then Ace Frehley all within a couple years. The song was written by Paul Stanley of Kiss along with the great Desmond Child and Holly Knight. The song was originally written for the Kiss album ‘Crazy Nights’ but didn’t make the cut so Paul shopped it around and Bonnie Tyler wound up with it. Kiss then put it on their next album and the same month, Ace Frehley, formerly of Kiss, did the song for his album ‘Trouble Walkin’.

After the success Desmond Child had with “Livin’ On a Prayer’ with Bon Jovi, Paul Stanley wanted to write a song in that same vein. Instead of Tommy and Gina, we get a cheap knock-off version of Johnny and Rosa. The problem with their relationship wasn’t the hardships of life, but that Rosa had a boyfriend named Tito who sounds like a gang leader in the shady part of town. Already, we know Rosa has bad taste in men. The story doesn’t end well like Tommy and Gina did. Basically this was a poor man’s version of “Livin’ on a Prayer” and the storyline sucked and was a total rip-off. It was too formulaic and Kiss was trying to chase trends at the time instead of being a leader and this was a perfect example of the trash that came out as a result. I guess it is pretty obvious I hate this song so why I am writing about it? Because I need to get it off my chest that I hate this song…I really don’t like it.

The song was never a big hit for any of the artist as it never cracked the Top 40. Even more proof of how bad this song really is. Enough about my distaste for the song, let’s get to the performances so I can get this over with and put out of my misery (ha!).


Bonnie Tyler’s version was off her 1988 album called ‘Hide Your Heart’ and was released on May 9, 1988. The one things about all three performances is the song is basically the same. It is full of guitars and it rocks out. Bonnie’s gritty vocals are a great fit for the song as the song is a little dirty with the song taking place in the shady part of town between a couple of people struggling to get by. She gives it her all in her performance as that is the only way Bonnie knows how to sing. She actually makes me care a little for the couple as she seems to feel it as well.


Kiss’ version is on their 1989 album ‘Hot in the Shade’ and the song came out as a single on October 17, 1989. The Kiss version is much more polished than Bonnie’s version. The guitar playing was better because it was Bruce Kulick and you don’t get much better than that. Paul Stanley is on vocals and sings it as much gusto as he can muster yet the song feels so fake and like he is going through the motions. I don’t care for either of these characters and I hope their relationship burns in flames as should this song. It is Kiss trying to be Bon Jovi to absolute no success. The song is such a derivative of so much other crap out there, it is shameful.


Ace Frehley’s version was never released as a single, but was on his album ‘Trouble Walkin” which was released in October 13, 1989 only 4 days prior to Kiss releasing it as a single. Ace’s version is not as polished and little more rough around the edges. Ace sounds like he is from the streets so his version has a little more credibility than Paul’s. Ace is tougher and can pull this off easier (no offense Paul). The biggest difference is the guitar solo as Bruce had a more elaborate, technically perfect solo and Ace’s was more sloppy and loose which isn’t a bad thing. Plus, Ace’s version had Peter Criss on backing vocals. Ace actually credits that this is a Bonnie Tyler cover and not a Kiss cover which it is.


If I have to pick a version, I would go with Ace only because his version sounds like he came from the streets. It is rough, rugged and just has more balls than the others although Bonnie’s is a close second. Reality is though, I am not picking any songs as I do not like green eggs and ham, I do not like them Sam I am….sorry…got off track. I do not like this song at all, I do not like Ace’s, Bonnie’s or Paul’s. I do not like them with guitar, I do like them when I’m drunk in a bar. I do not like the song “Hide You Heart”, I’d rather sit here and listen to my dog, Bear, fart!!

I know Desmond Child loves this song and I want him to know I still think he is an awesome and amazing songwriter just in case he should read this. You have written so many brilliant and beautiful songs, but I never could find anything I liked in this one…sorry sir.

I am really interested in hearing what everyone else thinks of these two songs.  Let me know which version you like the best and why.  Feel free to leave a comment and talk about the song and tell me how right or wrong I am on this one.  Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.



Johnny saw her riding on a street car named Desire, his fate was sealed
She could see him coming like a hundred other liars, it was no big deal
Rosa had a lover on the shady side of town, Tito, he was king of the streets
She was his possession like a jewel on his crown, Johnny better run, better run

Better hide your heart, better hold on tight
Say your prayers, ’cause there’s trouble tonight
When pride and love battle with desire
Better hide your heart, ’cause you’re playing with fire

The ride was over but the story doesn’t end, he took her heart
She looked him in the eye and said they couldn’t meet again
You could see the trouble start
The word went out that Rosa’s messin’ with someone, it was on the street
Tito looked for Johnny with a vengeance and a gun
Johnny better run, better run


Johnny’s holdin’ Rosa on a rooftop in the night, as time stood still
They couldn’t hear him coming ’til he had them both in sight
You could feel a chill
A shot ran out like thunder and the blood was on her hands, with nothing won
When someone lies dying, lovers finally understand


Written by Paul Stanley, Desmond Child and Holly Knight

32 thoughts on “The Original vs. The Cover vs. The Cover – “Hide Your Heart”

  1. Amazing how many covers of this tune there has been and it got nowhere on the charts. I have to go with Ace as well. His street rock vocal goes perfectly with this song. Check out Ryan Roxie TV on youtube as he interviewed Desmond a few weeks back. Some great stories. Has one about the time he went to write with VH.

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  2. I go by the sound of the song usually versus the lyrics, so I prefer Bonnie Tyler’s version of the song because her voice is killer, it’s got more of a rocking feel, and the “do, do, do,” on Ace and Kiss’ version is just too corny! Bonnie sings that line too, but it’s not as noticeable.

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  3. They kept that hey hey hey, do do do on all three versions but they should have cut it.
    I heard KISS’s version first and I liked it. Johnny, Rosa and Tito. A streetcar named desire. Lol.
    And when I heard Aces version I was like he’s given it some balls.

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  4. The song is alright but it’s a tad bit 1980’s sterile… it sounds like they were trying to write a hit with no inspiration….If I had to pick one it would be between Ace and Bonnie and I could flip a coin…I’ll go with Ace.

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  5. I didn’t know the history of that one so I never minded it. Now that you mention it, I can hear the Bon Jovi comparison. You’re right. And, man, I’d forgotten just how much I disliked Bonnie Tyler. Her version is the worst in my opinion. I never cared for her voice. Ace’s version is so much better than Kiss’s. Now that I’ve heard all three, I like theirs a lot less! Ace does win.

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  6. Three versions of this tune and no one bothered to finish the lyrics. I’m more curious about the censored Kiss video than the song, lol. I’m going to cop out and put Bonnie’s vocals over Ace’s version. I think that is the best you can do with this one.

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