Friday New Releases – April 23, 2021

Happy Friday everyone! Spring is upon and us and things are heating up both in temperature and releases. We have some great stuff for you today, at least I hope you find some of it great. Lots of rock, lots of Indie and lots of country. I know I’m excited as I have 3 new albums I am eagerly waiting on and those are marked in Blue. Let me know what you are interested in hearing and what I may have missed on my list so everyone can know what is out there. Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

  • 81RzK+8xYmL._SX522_  Reach – The Promise of a Life – (Icons Creating Evil Art): This three-piece band from Sweden is back with their third album. Their last album, ‘The Great Divine’, was my favorite album a few years ago so can’t wait for this one. The used to be a little melodic rock, but now they are far from it. They are way more alternative rock now in the vein of maybe The Muse or even Panic at times. We will see if I like the new direction, but I have a feeling I still will.
  • 71w+LOfrv6L._SS500_  Kaleo – Surface Sounds – (Elektra Records): Are you ready for Icelandic Blues Rock…you heard me right. This band from Iceland are the real deal. This is their third album that was supposed to come out last year right around the time the pandemic hit and now we are finally getting it. They are a solid blues band and you will be in for a treat.
  • 61K4Xxp2i0L._SX522_  Dirty Honey – Dirty Honey – (Dirt Records): Here is some more hard rock and blues rock and these guys have the goods. The only unsigned band to ever have a #1 on the Billboard charts and if that doesn’t interest you, I don’t know what will. Think 80’s rock with a blues influence and you will be quite happy. Are they breaking new ground? No, but they are making that old ground super exciting and fun.

And all the rest….

  • 91JIc8ScRHL._SS500_  Motorhead – Louder Than Noise…Live in Berlin – (Silver Lining Music)
  • 915ImNX87rL._SS500_  Dinosaur Jr. – Sweep It Into Space – (JagJaguwar)
  • 61vqUQnD49L._SX522_  Eric Church – Soul (EMI Records Nashville / UMG)
  • 91thR4dn6hL._SX522_  John Lennon – Plastic Ono Band (6CD/2Blu Ray Box Set) – (Capitol Records)
  • A1JrfsAycbL._SX522_  The Who – The Who Sell Out (5 CD / 2 Singles Box Set) – (Geffen Records)
  • 91rywZQTX6L._SS500_  The Mars Volta – Landscape Tantrums (Unfinished Original Recordings of De-Loused in the Comatorium) – (Clouds Hill)
  • 617ZPsScvwL  Jeff Carlson Band – Yesterday’s Gone – (RFL Records)
  • 81idrZi0h5L._SS500_  Peter Frampton – Peter Frampton Forgets the Words – (Universal Music)
  • 71bL5dwz4DL._SX522_  Citizen Cope – The Pull of Niagara Falls – (Clarence Greenwood)
  • A1Wj5+Za8VL._SS500_  The Prize Fighter Inferno – The City Introvert – (Evil Ink Records)
  • 811zER7XANL._SS500_  Dumpstafunk – Where Do We Go From Here – (Mascot Label Group / The Funk Garage)
  • 810NUGpQxML._SX522_  Bodom After Midnight – Pain the Sky with Blood E.P. – (Napalm Records)
  • 713mHEPKzLL._SX522_  Frozen Crown – Winterbane – (Scarlet Records)
  • 91pMhDIEjnL._SS500_  Porter Robinson – Nurture – (Sample Sized / Mom+Pop)
  • 91ipvCLyRNL._SS500_  Tilian – Factory Reset – (Future Friends / Rise Records)
  • download-3  Tom Snider – First Agnostic Church of Hope and Wonder – (Aimless Records / Thirty Tigers)
  • 61EL0aPYY4L._SS500_  Tom Jones – Surrounded by Time – (Red Window / S-Curve)
  • 81yQASH4x9L._SS500_  Justin Moore – Straight Outta the Country – (Big Machine Label Group)
  • 71fE+AtQFeL._SS500_  Tracy Lawrence – Hindsight 2020 Vol. 1: Stairway to Heaven Highway to Hell – (LMG)

31 thoughts on “Friday New Releases – April 23, 2021

      1. Oh yeah true and it’s good to keep up with what’s happening in the music industry; not that I’m good at it. I almost forgot about James Durbin’s album back in February, till I saw your post.

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    1. That is awesome about Claude…I didn’t realize that. Very cool. I am blasting Reach now…very, very different from their last album. More modern rock in the vein of maybe Panic at the Disco. I like it though.

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  1. Lots of interesting ones this week.. must have’s Lennon and Bodom. Want to check out Dirty Honey, Dumpstafunk, Reach and of course Mascis. Listening to Celeste at the moment. Has a bit of Winehouse vibes.

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  2. Motorhead is on my wishlist. Just hoping for a price drop because it is darn expensive. I’m going to need to do a deep dive on Dirty Honey at some point because I like what I have heard from them.

    Liked by 1 person

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