Friday New Releases – April 30, 2021

Friday April 30th…the end of another month. And this week, we actually have 30 new releases for you to look over. Hopefully something in this bunch will float your boat. My boat is rocking with a couple killer releases and then my boat feels a little country too with another. My choices are in Blue. Let me know which ones you are dying to hear and which ones I might have missed as I am sure there are some despite the large number here. Thanks for stopping by each week and for all the support. I hope you all have a great and rocking weekend!!

  • 61NQMk7UwhL._SX522_  Royal Bloods – Typhoons – (Warner Bros): This album was supposed to come out last year and I have been waiting a long while for it to finally arrive. Their last album, the 2017 “How Did We Get So Dark?”, was smashing. If you like rock with a little blues, a little garage rock sound and just plain hard, then this is for you!!
  • 81LwZfkaQoL._SS500_  Gojira – Fortitudes – (Roadrunner Records): If Royal Blood isn’t heavy enough for you then Gojira might more up your alley. This French metal band has the goods and delivers all the time. The last album was back in 2016 and was called “Magma” and it was a lava filled volcano of rock. This should be just as good or better…yes, expectations are high!!
  • 81EITKFEH3L._SX522_  Ashley Monroe – Rosegold – (Mountainrose Sparrow / Thirty Tigers): I’m usually feeling rock & roll, but sometimes I feel a little bit country as well. And Ashley Monroe is one I tend to go when I’m in the mood. She has such a great voice and looking foward to some more magic from her.

And the rest of these seem pretty promising as well…maybe if I find time, I will throw some of these on…

  • A126-jyY5kL._SX522_  The Dropkick Murphys – Turn Up That Dial – (Born & Bred Records)
  • 71WEeANaFeL._SS500_  Julia Michaels – Not in Chronological Order – (Republic Records / UMG)
  • 41X3sBT7xvL  Marianne Faithfull – She Walks in Beauty – (Panta REI / BMG Rights)
  • 71YBg5PzObL._SX522_  MercyMe – inhale (exhale) – (MercyMe)
  • 719augmYuGL._SX522_  Electric Boys – Upside Down – (Mighty Music / SPV)
  • 71joL849FcL._SX522_  Pink Floyd – Live at Knebworth 1990 – (Legacy)
  • 81uHBaoE5KL._SS500_  Gary Moore – How Blue Can You Get – (Mascot Label Group)
  • 81uq4kM5EtL._SS500_  Faithful (Various Artists) – Faithful: Go and Speak – (Integrity Music)
  • 71Cd09HJF3L._SX522_  Guided by Voices – Earth Man Blues – (Guided by Voices): Aaron…this one’s for you!!
  • 81dX0YwHo8L._SX522_  Girl in Red – If I Could Make It Go Quiet – (World in Red / AWAL)
  • 61WsstC+dzL._SX522_  Thomas Rhett – Country Again: Side A – (Big Machine Label Group)
  • 81QG0uPV8pL._SX522_  Ronnie Milsap – A Better Word for Love – (Black River Entertainment)
  • 81EVCLS4RUL._SS500_  Tetrach – Unstable – (Napalm Records)
  • 91f7jdoyQLL._SS500_  J. Period – J. Period Presents…Story to Tell (Chapter One) – (Truelements  / RBC Records)
  • 71vGiOkoC5L._SX522_  Dawn Richard – Second Line – (Merge Records)
  • 81ETBthnw-L._SS500_  Ouija Macc – Dirtbag – (Chapter 17 Records)
  • 719KlEdBpmL._SS500_  Warish – Next to Pay – (Ridingeasy Records)
  • 91kko7BxJNL._SS500_  Stick Figure – Fire & Stone – (Ruffwood Records)
  • A1pMnhehZ-L._SS500_  Kris Angelis – The Skies We Look To – (Self-Released)
  • 51cx8Qv6DgL._SX522_  Manchester Orchestra – The Million Masks of God – (Loma Vista Recordings)
  • A1uo3Y6neKL._SS500_  Roisin Murphy – Crooked Machine – (Mickey Murphy’s Daughter / Loaded Records / BMG)
  • 912fgnN+SoL._SX522_  Marilyn McCoo & Billy David Jr. – Blackbird: Lennon-McCartney Icons – (Encore Endeavor / BMG)
  • 71vt2NFLHIL._SX522_  Julia Stone – Sixty Summers – (Julia Stone / BMG Rights)
  • 61L1nWNs9JL._SS500_  Amy Sharks – Cry Forever – (Wonderlick Recording / Sony)
  • 811k2dsSnVL._SX522_  Birdy – Young Hearts – (Warner Records)
  • 71eOygyWNGL._SX522_  Michael Nesmith – Different Drum: The Lost RCA Victor Recordings – (Real Gone Music)
  • 81+Omh39QbL._SX522_  L7 – Wargasm: Slash Years 1992-1997 – (Hne)

28 thoughts on “Friday New Releases – April 30, 2021

    1. Every week now, I have at least 30 new releases on the Friday posts. Heck, I am adding around 30-40 new ones to the New Release page every I have every week as well so makes sense. There is an abundance of releases coming and doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

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  1. GBV! GBV! GBV! That one truly is for me, thanks! GOJIRA!! \m/ \m/ My pre-order is already on the way, I think.

    I’m intrigued by the Knebworth Floyd. I’m happy to see Gary Moore and Dropkick Murphys still going. The Marianne Faitful made me think ‘pretentious’ but who knows. That L7 cover reminds me of Nashville Pussy’s cover.

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    1. That L7 Cover is something. I stuck it down at the bottom as I didn’t want to offend anyone right out of the gate. I just finished listening to Gojira and although I’m not that familiar with them, I did enjoy it. Now enjoy that one and the GBV


      1. Don’t worry about offending folks – I just added A.C. to the Grail List for Holen LOL. I haven’t heard the whole Gojira yet, waiting for the CD to arrive (maybe today!). Then I will crank that sucker. Still need to order the GBV, but I’m on it today!

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            1. Honestly I wonder if it’s automated. Like, someone hadn’t opened the box of Gojira CDs yet, so the system didn’t know it was there, so it panicked and sent out the delay message. Then someone opened the box, scanned it in or whatever, then the system sent out the all clear message. I mean, it was a matter of hours. They get a lot of stuff in a day, I imagine. I’d say it’s likely just programmed that way.

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  2. We were talking about this the other day…no wonder we missed music in the old days…even now it’s hard to keep up with releases… That is a bundle of releases.

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