Cheap Trick – ‘Found All The Parts E.P.’ (1980) – Album Review (The Cheap Trick Collection Series)

The 70’s were a huge decade for Cheap Trick. In just three short years, we were blessed with four studio albums and one of the greatest live albums of all time with ‘Cheap Trick at Budokan’. Not a bad run. Now we are in to the 80’s and this album was sort of a way to end the 70’s with a nice little bonus. The four-song E.P. was released on 10″ Vinyl and was part of Epic Records series called Nu-Disk, but that series was rather short-lived and I don’t know if I’ve found another album from that series.

If I remember correctly, it was believed that some of the songs on here were from a Cheap Trick album that was canned and never released, especially when more songs from this time frame were released as bonus tracks on other releases/compilations down the road. I believe there were 7 other tracks with all but 1 being released. However, I don’t think that was ever confirmed or denied. Most likely, they were working on an album and decided to shift gears in to a new direction which then became the album ‘All Shook Up’ which we will get to next time.

The album was released on June 2, 1980 and contained four tracks. Side 1 were both live songs (cough, cough, sort of) and side 2 were brand new studio tracks (thus the rumors mentioned above). I don’t see any chart information on them so not sure how well the E.P. did, but doesn’t matter to me as I love finding this kind of stuff.

My version is the Bun E. Version as you can see Side 1 has a picture of Bun E. Carlos. You can get other versions with Tom Hamilton on Side 1 or Robin Zander and even Rick Nielsen. Some of the editions of this release also came with a 7″ Single of the song “Everything Works if You Let It”, but sadly, mine was not one of those. I am also missing the inner sleeve with the Nu Disc series information on it. Mine is a plain white paper sleeve. There are lots of cool versions to find. And now that I know there are different ones with different members on Side 1, means I will probably buy more if I see them. It is what I do.


The first track is a live version of the Beatles song “Day Tripper” recorded live on their 1978 US Tour. Only that it wasn’t. Nope! They planned on using that version, however, it sucked so they went back in to the studio and re-recorded it while still using the crowd noise from the live version though. I do like the fact that they kept the studio version rough around the edges and gave it a live feel. If I wouldn’t have told you, you probably wouldn’t have noticed.

Song 2 is “Can’t Hold On” which was recorded from the 1978 Budokan shows and was actually released on the fuller releases of ‘Cheap Trick at Budokan’ years later. This song is very dark in tone and vibe. Feels a little creepy and I like it. I believe this is the first official release ever of this song. It is a cool track with some fine guitar playing by Mr. Nielsen and listen to Bun E. Carlos on the drums as he nails it.


Side 2 kicks off with one of two songs recorded back in 1976/1977 per the E.P. Wrong again!! These are actually recorded in December 1979 and January 1980. This album is full of lies!!! LIES! LIES! LIES! The first track is “Such a Good Girl” and it is a happy little track that feels like sunshine. Meaning it is uplifting and bright in its sound.

The next track is “Take Me I’m Yours” which is a lot slower and more bluesy almost lounge-singer style. Rick sings it in a weird way almost gimmicky. Think early Roy Orbison style except not as high in the vocal range as Roy can get. Not one of their best, but for what this release is, not bad either.

Since this is not a full studio release (well, it is almost all studio), I’m not doing a track score as it doesn’t warrant it. Instead, this is a fun release thanks to the label, which probably explains all the lies on it. And because of those lies, I will deduct a point and only give it a 4.0 out of 5.0 Tracks. I think if you see it out in the wild, grab it! It is a great addition to the Cheap Trick Collection. Plus, it will be fun collecting all of them with the different band member pictures on Side 1. That alone is worth it.

Thanks for stopping by and we will see you next time with the following::


The Cheap Trick Collection Series:

  1. Cheap Trick (1977)
  2. In Color (1977)
  3. Heaven Tonight (1978)
  4. Cheap Trick at Budokan (1978)
  5. Dream Police (1979)
  6. Found All The Parts (1980)

60 thoughts on “Cheap Trick – ‘Found All The Parts E.P.’ (1980) – Album Review (The Cheap Trick Collection Series)

  1. I have this on vinyl as well and like yourself I am missing the 7″ single as well. I was hoping to see it here! lol
    My copy is the same as yours plain white sleeve but still cool to own a copy as you don’t see too many of these EPs floating around.
    Great stuff

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      1. I came across another one as well and the single was gone. I bought two Budokans as the first one I got on vinyl did not have the booklet so I passed my other copy over to TeeBone

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Nice add for the collection. I also like additions like these.

    Don’t you love how the labels repackaged the original 10 inch vinyls from the 40s/50s into NuDisk’s in the 80s. They had me fooled thinking it was something new.

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  3. Thanks John…I never saw this and I thought I knew all of their early albums….I loved EPs.
    I saw them at Opryland in 83 or 84 and they could only play an hour (in the contract) because it was only 2 dollars to get in…which sucked…because they were great. They started Day Tripper near the end…I was all excited and then Rick said SORRY…we can’t go that long and stopped.

    Like you wanted to hear this but man as a Beatle fan I was dissappointed but it wasn’t their fault. I’ll check this out.

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