Top Five Replacement Singers on The LeBrain Train

Hot off the Presses from the LeBrain Train and the host Mike Ladano

The LeBrain Train: 2000 Words or More with Mike, John & Harrison

Episode 89 – Top Five Replacement Singers

This Cinco-de-Listo episode was planned for October, but due to circumstances beyond our control, had to be rescheduled.  So here we go!

The first time I posted this, I got so many comments about “Dio!”, “Dickinson!”, “Hagar!” and “Gillan!” that we decided on some ground rules.  Those guys are already well known for what they did.  They are like the Mount Rushmore of replacement singers.  We don’t need to waste valuable space in our Top Five lists on the obvious ones.  So these lists will be the other guys who deserve recognition.  You can name dozens of favourites, but who would make your Top Five?

Joining us tonight will be:

With those two guys, you know we will get a mix of the logical and the unpredictable!  Don’t miss this one.  Please like and share, and join the discussion live with your own lists.  Your lists will go up on the screen for discussion!  It’s gonna be fun, but the most fun can be had by watching live!

Friday December 3, 7:00 PM E.S.T. on Facebook:  MikeLeBrain and YouTube:  Mike LeBrain.

15 thoughts on “Top Five Replacement Singers on The LeBrain Train

  1. Here are some I could come up with. I’d say they’ve all done very well with their bands. I remember the first time I saw Todd with Queensryche. It was a small club show in Toronto. I didn’t see Geoff Tate in the photo. Right away, I wanted to leave. The wife convinced me to go in anyway. I was amazed at his pipes. The man can wail. I also got carded as a 40 year old. All in all, it was a good time!

    Phil Collins – Genesis
    Arnel Pineda – Journey
    William Duvall – Alice in Chains
    Todd LaTorre – Queensryche
    Bernard Sumner – Joy Division/New Order

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  2. Brian Johnson! Good catch. I can’t believe I forgot about him.

    Poor John Corabi. He just wasn’t trashy (or strung out) enough to fit in. Would David Gilmour count? I know he did some leads when Waters was around, but he was never full time.

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  3. Four Horsemen. A friend of mine gave me a copy of Nobody said it was easy. It’s a good listen.

    I can’t believe I forgot about Gowan! Time for me to play You’re a strange animal a few times.

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      1. Oh I did! I played Gowan’s best of twice! Today I’m playing my two latest acquisitions, the Television album (thanks for telling me about Marquee Moon), and Crazy Lixx’ Ruff Justice. I played the Lixx while shoveling way too much snow today. Mother nature was not happy with me, or so it seems.

        That was a fun show guys, thanks!

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        1. Like Mike said, thanks for watching!!

          Cool you got the Televsion album, I hadn’t even bought it yet. And I do like the Lixx album. I don’t know if it is their best, but it is good. And no Snow here thank goodness.


    1. That reminds me, I could have added Four Horsemen singer Tim Beattie to the list. He replaced Frank C. Starr briefly, before Frank came back.

      Could also have added Ron Young who also replaced Frank Starr, but later on.

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