March 2022 Purchases – Vinyl & CDs…and more!

Can you believe another month has passed? At least Spring is here and temperatures are starting to warm and trees are pushing out pollen and blanketing the world in some sort of yellow dust that is making by white car look pretty dirty. Thanks for that Mother Nature. At least one bright spot is all the purchases made during the month. Let’s get started.

First up my kids and I went to Lunchbox Records as we hadn’t been in a long time. They each bought something and so did I. I picked up a 2021 bootleg of Wicked Lester’s first album or what was supposed to be their first album. Wicked Lester is Gene and Paul’s band before Kiss. I already have a Wicked Lester bootleg but this had a couple songs I didn’t have and now I do. Yes, a review is coming.

And then shortly after, I received a delivery from Japan. It is the Japanese Edition of the Danger Danger Album “Screw It” with bonus tracks and the prized OBI Strip. Now to get the Japanese debut album for a decent price as this one was cheap.

I had also ordered a couple things on eBay as I finally found some decent prices for a couple harder to find Will Hoge albums. The America EP and another live album. My Will collection is getting sizable and I just saw him in Concert this past Sunday! Review coming (if not already out).

I also finally found Matt Nathanson’s second album at a decent price as it is really hard to do that. His early 90’s CDs can be pricey. But patience pays off…This one is “Ernst”.

And that wasn’t enough, I finally broke down on bought the Ace Frehley Cassette Box Set that has his last 5 albums with eOne finally getting their first release on cassette. Yeah, I know, didn’t need, but wanted…review is coming as well.

Then it was time for the release of the next album in the Kiss Off the Soundboard Series and this time it is the 2004 show in Virginia Beach. I had to grab it naturally. And yes, a review is coming for this.

And on the 19th of the month, there was a Record Show here in Charlotte and I naturally went. I scored some cool stuff. First up is a rather common Kiss Bootleg, but I didn’t have it so I got it. Also, I picked up a live album buy Krokus and I bought it only because I love the cover. I have problems.

Then I found a few more things from Scorpion I didn’t have. I want to say they are all German Pressings. I could’ve gotten my hands on the original, controversial Virgin Killer cover, but he wanted $150 for it and that was out of my budget for the show.

And if that wasn’t enough, I found a cool 45 of “Rhythm of Love” that was a limited edition box set that has 5 picture cards with it. The box is a little jacked, but overall I thought it was cool so got it.

And then the final things I found some 45’s I needed to add to the collection as well…

And if that wasn’t enough, I actually found some cassettes from a dealer. They were 3 for $10 and I found three I needed and liked. And I never thought about STP’s album being on cassette. I guess they were still making them during the 90’s. And this is all from the record show.

The last thing I got for the month was the CD for the band Klassik ’78’s new album ‘Phantom’. They are a band that performs in the style of Kiss from the 78 era of the band and let me tell you they sound as good or better at times. Really cool stuff.

And that was it for March. I think this month for me was quality of quantity even though it is still a lot. We will see what April has in stores as there is at least one or two things on order. Might be time to hit some other record stores I haven’t hit in over a month. Shame on me. Here is every thing in one shot…

We will see you for next month’s wrap up that will come quicker than you realize. Thanks for stopping by.

37 thoughts on “March 2022 Purchases – Vinyl & CDs…and more!

  1. Looking forward to Scorpions series.

    I hit a Record Show too here. Only got 4 cd’s. Vinyl was their priority. I got Drivin ‘n’ crying’: Whisper tames a lion, Gilby Clarke: the hangover, lp: into the wild, fightstar: one day son, this will all be yours. Got the last one for the interesting cover.

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  2. Another stellar month. Whats on the flip side of the AC/DC 45? That Krokus one I bought back in 86 it think it was. Live sound was kinda muddy from what I recall but than again I’m going on memory lol…
    As usual a ton of stuff. Thanks again for hopping on last night….that was awesome!

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    1. The cassettes will generally only be Kiss, Leppard and maybe Bon Jovi related. the STP one I did because I needed 3 for the 3 for $10 deal and I do love that album as I have it on LP and CD already. Why not complete the set.


  3. just ordered more used cds, Drowning Pool and Saliva. Where u into nu-metal at all? I was recently reading a book on nu-metal and was laughing while realizing that I have tons of albums from nu-metal bands. Had most of the soundtracks too that were mentioned to have nu-metal music on them. After glam I hit nu-metal.

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  4. Such a good haul! It’s obvious you have a bunch of gold mines near you. My city has been forever dubbed the city that fun forgot. The term might even be trademarked. I suspect that applies to CD selection as well.

    Still, I had a good haul for March.

    The Cult – Ceremony, Electric
    Ghost – Impera
    Eyes – Eyes, Windows of the soul
    Stereophonics – Oochya!
    First Blood – film score
    Mark Lanegan – Straight songs of sorrow (RIP Mark)
    Tears for Fears – Songs from the big chair
    Smashing Pumpkins – Gish

    I ordered Tiny Little Movies a few minutes ago, as well as an older Hardcore Superstar album (Can’t kill my rock n roll).

    It’s bright and sunny here. I have an old Tea Party CD playing. Have a great day everyone!

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    1. That is pretty dang good haul yourself!! Glad to see Eyes and Hoge of course!!

      I’m listening to a lot of Dirty Honey and Mammoth as I am seeing them Live tomorrow night!!
      Also, blasting a lot of Ratt for a podcast we are taping on Saturday discussing Ratt.
      And it is bright and sunny now, but rain is on the way and will be heavy at times!! 🙂


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