Matt Nathanson – ‘Slow, But Speeding’ E.P. – Album Review

In my endless search for music I don’t have by Matt Nathanson, I always get excited when I find something that I didn’t actually have and this is one of those items. In 2007, Matt released a promotional E.P. on CD called ‘Slow, But Speeding’ for his upcoming 2007 album ‘Some Mad Hope’. I have that album, so why is this E.P. worth getting if it is a promo of the album is something you might ask and I will tell you . There are 3 songs on here and they are all acoustic versions of the new songs on the albums. This one is not extremely rare to get and not overly pricey either which makes it even better. The songs were recorded at Play Records in San Francisco, CA and they are stripped down to their bare essence with just an acoustic guitar and Matt.

The first track is “Gone” as well as the songs on here are written by Matt Nathanson and Mark Weinberg. What I love about Matt is when he sings he really feels the songs. They feel personal to him and a part of him and that is even more prevalent when he does them acoustic. This one has Matt giving up on love after his most recent heartbreak. He is really aching and feels so lost and you can hear the heartache.

“Sooner Surrender” acoustically is even darker than the studio track. It is more heartache and that feeling you get when you see the woman you love now with some one else. I think it is about how when he was with his love, he didn’t truly surrender to her and in the end he lost. If he would have just surrendered to her sooner rather than giving up, they might still be together. So much pain.

The final track is “Detroit Waves” and man, he must have been really depressed writing all these songs about broken relationships. But the songs are still so beautiful and heartfelt you can’t help but be drawn in to them and feel comfortable like a blanket wrapped around you. This one I feel is about doing all you can to make the relationship work, but nothing seems to do. Maybe he tried all he could but she was so hot and cold that it would never work. The line “And when, you’re warm enough to share your sheets / Cold enough to make it seem that I was only there long enough to disappear” makes me feel maybe she was the problem. They were living a lie and he would change if could, but it just wouldn’t matter. This song gets a little more energy and forceful in the guitar and Matt’s vocals which makes it that much more impactful.

I have to say, I truly love this little gem of acoustic songs that I didn’t have in my collection and now I’m not sure I want to hear the studio versions. Who am I kidding, I will. I can’t resist ‘Some Mad Hope’ as it might be his best one he’s done. I don’t know if I should rate this one as I am overly biased but it obviously by 5.0 out of 5.0 Stars. Duh!!

I’m sorry I don’t have any videos so you can hear the songs, but I couldn’t find them on the Tube of You if that gives you any indication on how special this CD really is.

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