Friday New Releases – May 6, 2022

Welcome to May! Can you believe it? Time is flying. There are some really juicy releases this week and I am sure any one that follows this site will know what our #1 pick is this week and he is first on the list. But he isn’t the only one that we will be checking out and they are all highlighted in Blue. Let me know what you are interested in hearing and what we may have missed. Thank so much for stopping by and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

  • 71FY5Zbr6gL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Jeff Scott Soto – Complicated – (Frontiers Records): His 3rd solo released in as many years and 9th overall and he might be the busiest man in the business. I think he is awesome, but I am biased as I just got to meet him a couple weeks ago and see him and Jason Bieler in concert (sorry, was I bragging…yes I was). Looking forward to dive in to this, but don’t expect a review until the end of the Jeff Scott Soto Series we are doing.
  • 81orzaFh6oL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Halestorm – Back From the Dead – (Atlantic Recording): Man, I have been waiting for a new album from Lzzy Hale and the gang and the have finally delivered. Are they one of the best newer bands out there, no doubt they are. Lzzy has one of the best rock vocals and when they deliver it, they deliver it hard and heavy!
  • 81i35epW9xL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Fozzy – Boombox – (The Century Family): Who would’ve thought that wrestler, Chris Jericho, turned rock star with the band Fozzy would still be going strong. What started out as a band that did covers has become a great rock band and they seem to keep getting better. High hopes for this one.

And then all the rest…

  • 71yxGNRFPbL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Three Days Grace – Explosions – (RCA Records)
  • 71VvXQNaWCL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Arcade Fire – WE – (Arcade Fire Music)
  • 81jV7v3MzzL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Bryan Ferry – Love Letters E.P. – (BMG Rights)
  • A14eBlgKPAL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Sheryl Crow – Sheryl: Music From the Feature Documentary – (A&M)
  • 71m-jxx9s1L._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Simple Plan – Harder Than It Looks – (Simple Plan)
  • 61eb3s+1RlL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Timothy B. Schmit – Day By Day – (Timothy B. Schmit)
  • 81+FORKu7-L._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Graham Nash – Live: Songs for Beginners / Wild Tales – (Proper Records)
  • 814GKCaiJuL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Neil Young – Citizen Kane Jr. Blues 1974 (Live at the Bottom Line) – (Shakey Pictures Records / Reprise Records)
  • 91YbRyjAccL._AC_UL640_FMwebp_QL65_  Neil Young – Royce Hall 1971 (Live) – (Shakey Pictures Records / Reprise Records)
  • 91OW-kAVASL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Neil Young – Dorothy Chandler Pavilion 1971 (Live) – (Shakey Pictures Records / Reprise Records)
  • 71jkYzc13SL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Midland – The Last Resort: Greetings From – (Big Machine Label Group)
  • 71h6y0zDt9L._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Belle And Sebastian – A Bit of Previous – (Matador)
  • 61eRWmaQ7ML._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Warpaint – Radiate Like This – (Heirlooms / Virgin Music)
  • 81134-RRQYL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Silverstein – Misery Made Me – (UNFD)
  • A1W2doi+w2L._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  AWOLNATION – My Echos, My Shadow, My Covers & Me – (Better Noise Music)
  • 7195Th3VGQL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  The Waterboys – All Souls Hill – (Cooking Vinyl)
  • 61LzTNqu6yL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Jack Harlow – Come Home The Kids Miss You – (Generation Now / Atlantic Records / WEA)
  • 91zNOlgXcTL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Method Man – Meth Lab Season 3: The Rehab – (Home)
  • 71J9f6OuxZL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Sigrid – How to Let Go – (Island Records / Universal)
  • 81q71MZmUNL._SX522_  Black Eye – Black Eye – (Frontiers Records)
  • download-2  The Feeling – Loss.Hope.Love. – (Island Records)
  • 612eFPvza1L._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Ellevator – The Words You Spoke Still Move Me – (Arts & Craft Productions)
  • 51tzLcUdigL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  !!! – Let It Be Blue – (Warp Records)
  • download-22  Stoner – Totally – (Heavy Psych Sounds)
  • A1BoZNZ+WSL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Stand Atlantic – F.E.A.R. – (Hopeless Records)
  • 71OvpcsRpiL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Motor Sister – Get Off – (Metal Blade Records)
  • 91phVB0TMHL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Wo Fat – The Singularity – (Ripple Music)
  • 71K7owkp+BL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Terror – Pain in to Power – (Pure Noise Records)
  • download-23  Sadurn – Radiator – (Run For Cover Records)
  • 71LWeKD8oLL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Ella Mai – Heart On My Sleeve – (10 Summers / Interscope Records)
  • 71-SwFS+VUL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Sabrina Claudio – Based on a Feeling – (SC Entertainment / Atlantic Recording)
  • 91c6YlQYYdL._AC_UL640_FMwebp_QL65_  Sunflower Bean – Headful of Sugar – (Mom+Pop)
  • 81j6GVCFKwL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – Endless Rooms – (Sub Pop Records)
  • 81Jj08Hg1aL._AC_UY436_QL65_  Lillian Axe – Psalms for Eternity – (GlobalRock)
  • 81HHotyHBzL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Wachenfeldt – Faustian Reawakening – (Threeman Recordings)
  • 91YxPn3wgSL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Manafest – I Run With Wolves – (Manafest Productions)
  • 91+lZh3CUSL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Cosmic Putrefaction – Crepuscular Dirge for the Blessed Ones – (Profound Lore)
  • 91Hi7+6S0JL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Carbon Black – We Remain – (Carbon Black)
  • 91CxTbG610L._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Upon a Burning Body – Fury – (Seek & Strike)
  • 71nepFeEhLL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Michael & Michelle – The Watching Silence E.P. – (Decca Records / Universal)
  • 91UJ05x2B4L._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Sharon van Etten – We’ve Been Going About This All Wrong – (Jagjaguwar)
  • 81saW2REHNL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Flor – Future Shine – (Fueled by Ramen)
  • 915sTlQzthL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Emili Sande – Let’s Say For Instance – (Chrysalis Records)
  • 71WF13FOeWL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Alison Wonderland – Loner – (EMI Music / Universal)
  • 811AQKlpKML._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Sofia Mills – Baby Magic – (Sofia Mills)
  • 81pKSJSC2uL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  C. Duncan – Alluvium – (Bella Union)
  • 91rtGnQ22cL._AC_UL640_FMwebp_QL65_  Ibeyi – Spell 31 – (XL Recordings)
  • A1+vBGnDeRL._AC_UL640_FMwebp_QL65_  Hexxx – Demon Season – (Chapter 17 Records)
  • 91R5O0XyEpL._AC_UL640_FMwebp_QL65_  Leyla McCalla – Breaking the Thermometer – (Anti)
  • 81pHdptlvoL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Puppy – Pure Evil – (Rude Records)
  • A1AVCIlO5JL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Ibaraki – Rashomon – (Nuclear Blast)
  • 71bE04a3u6L._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Tomarum – Ash in Realms of Stone Icons – (Prosthetic Records)
  • 71t-WWgjzmL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Alexis Ffrench – Truth – (Sony Music)
  • A1+A-fCoM0L._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Tim Goodin – Son of Appalachia (Acoustic) – (Lucky Penny Studio / Over the Hill Records)
  • download-44 Brian Culbertson – The Trilogy, Pt. 3: White – (BCM Entertainment)
  • 61ilWx6ElfL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Richard Thompson – Music from Grizzly Man – (No Quarter Records)
  • 616kbkQ9AWL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  George Winston – Night – (Dancing Cat Records)
  • 61ogCvaj1VL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  John Scofield – John Scofield – (ECM Records / Deutsche Grammophon)
  • 71ZLqxtx5KL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Raheem DeVaughn – From Lust Till Dawn – (New Era Soul / The SoNo Recording Group)
  • 715Eex7cRmL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Windwaker – Love Language – (Fearless Records / Concord)
  • A1YfCJbTlLL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Elbow Deep – Homeschool Shooter – (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)
  • A1laC-dcE0L._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Suki Waterhouse – I Can’t Let Go – (Sub Pop Records)
  • 71-WXqktJeL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Anyway Gang – Still Anyways – (Royal Mountain Records)

25 thoughts on “Friday New Releases – May 6, 2022

    1. Understandable. Honestly, it is his early solo work, Talisman, W.E.T., Kuni and handful of other albums I listen to more than the newer solo stuff…shhh…don’t tell anyone.


  1. I’ll pick up the Arcade Fire disc, and probably the Halestorm one too. I seem to recall Warpaint being a good band. I’ll look them up at some point.

    Happy Friday everyone!

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  2. I’m glad you were able to highlight some other new albums on this list of Neil Young live albums. I’ll check out the same ones you have highlighted. I also got sucked in by the thumbnail of the Puppy video and will be giving that a spin sometime too.

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