Needtobreathe – “Keep Your Eyes Open” (2012) – Promotional Single

A couple months ago I showed off a pretty simple, yet cool, UK Promotional CD for the Needtobreathe single “The Heart”. This time I found another UK Promotional single and this time for their 2012 hit, “Keep Your Eyers Open” off their 2011 album ‘The Reckoning’. This was scheduled to be released on September 3, 2012 in the UK (it was February 14, 2012 in the US) and was a radio edit. On the back of the case is a sticker to the people that the CD single went to…Carrie Curtis & Maree Douglas.

This packaging was not plain and simple like “The Heart”, there was a unique picture on front and back that I believe are exclusive to this release and even the CD itself had some color to it and not a simple CDr burn like the last one. Whereas “The Heart” Promotional Single was on Discogs, this one I can not find which I am assuming that means this one is very hard to find and obviously no one has cataloged it yet.

Musically, the song is stunning.  It was written by Bear and Bo Rineheart. The song never charted but quickly grew in popularity and is a favorite of the fans and to be played live. Its piano intro leads into a quiet drum roll before the drums come in full force with the rest of the band.  It then quiets down as Bear sings the first verse.  When the chorus comes in, it starts to build in to an anthem with the full band joining in again before going back to a quieter sound during the verses.  Bear’s vocals are strong and forceful, singing loudly to keep your eyes open and moving to the light.  The delivery is full of encouragement and his desire to help you in any way he can.  Keep fighting through as he wants you to make to the ”great unknown” or heaven!

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