My Sunday Song – “She’s Tight” by Cheap Trick

For My Sunday Song #311, we are starting our Cheap Trick 10 song set. And first up is a personal favorite, “She’s Tight” off their 1982 album ‘One on One’ (which was their last good album for years). The song was written by Rick Nielsen and was the third single off the album. The song did okay, just missing out on the Top 40 as it landed at #45 on the Billboard Hot 100. That doesn’t mean it ain’t good, on the contrary…it is awesome.

The song is not very subtle. It is about a booty call, plain and simple. The singer gets the phone number off a bathroom wall, calls it and she’s ready for action. He heads over a gets a little action. It is pure sleaze and sometimes that is okay. As a young teenager when this came out, this was such a dirty song, and I loved it. And the darker side of it, I have read it is about a very young girl with the whole “She’s Tight” reference, but I don’t want to think that…I prefer the straight-up booty call.

I remember watching the video on MTV and every time I watched it, I couldn’t wait for them to show it again. The punk guitar riffs from Rick so simple was actually one of his best ever. Mix that punk stylings with the synths and you get a very modern pop/rock song that was very radio friendly. It sucks you in and won’t let go. The infectious groove and sound were magic in my book. So much fun and oh those intermittent female vocal…”hmmms”…were sexy as hell. Robin Zander can sing anything and sound great and he doesn’t disappoint here. Bun E. Carlos’ drum beat is crisp and sharp and a driving force behind the song. The band didn’t have Tom Petersson in the band any more at this point so Jon Brandt was the bass player for this song.

Give the song a listen and lets see if you enjoy it as much as I do. I mean, come on, it is so much fun. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have a wonderful and Happy Sunday!!

“She’s Tight”

When I’m down I make a call.
Got the number written on the wall.
First it’s busy then I try again.
Oh, who’s she talking to, could it be him?

I got the number and it starts to ring.
I get excited and I start to dream.
I start to fantasize of memory lane.
Then she answers and she says right way.
She says I’m home on my own, home all alone.
So I got off the phone.

(She’s tight.) She’s ahead of her time.
(She’s tight.) She’s one of a kind.
(She’s tight.) She’s a talented girl.
(She’s tight.) She’s got her head down tight.

I have something got to say to you.
Amnesia and my train of thought.
On the tip, tip of my tongue.
I had a vision when I was young.

You floated in, we floated up.
Through the window and down the hall.
I had a smoke and went upstairs.
Turned the door and opened the key. She spoke…
I’m on my own, home all alone.
So I got off the phone.

(She’s tight.) She’s ahead of her time.
(She’s tight.) She’s one of a kind.
(She’s tight.) She’s a talented girl.
(She’s tight.) She’s got her head down tight.

(She’s tight.) She’s giving me the go.
(She’s tight.) She’s giving me the high sign.
(She’s tight.) We’ll turn off the lights.
(She’s tight.) Pull down the shades.
(She’s nice, she’s tight.) Turn on the cam’ra.
(She’s nice, she’s tight.) And getting ready for action.

Turn off the radio.
Turn on the video.

Written by Rick Nielsen

19 thoughts on “My Sunday Song – “She’s Tight” by Cheap Trick

  1. Killer track from an album that doesn’t get talked about much. Nice looking 45 as I never bought em back in the day. Maybe a few I bought but not many…
    Your right about Zander being able to sing anything …

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  2. Hey what’s up. Seeing Cheap Trick live Tues 8/16th in NJ at PNC Arts Center. Friend of mine’s wife wanted to see Rod Stewart & when I heard Cheap Trick were “opening” for him then I ok’d spending a couple of hundred dollar$ on seeing Rod. Have seen them bunch of times over the years, usually headlining at a local theater type venue, always sound good & interesting how they mix up setlists & don’t always do the standard ‘hits’. She’s Tight, great tune, nice way to kick off a Sunday. Take care, have a good Sunday…

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